Satveer Mittal


Written By Ian

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: June/01
Wand: Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 14 1/4″, Brittle


Satveer is naturally a quiet soul. If it weren’t for his appearance, he could blend into the crowd though he longs to be seen. He and his elder squib siblings (1 brother and 1 sister) have lived a very active/mobile life and Satveer longs to be settled. His siblings treat him like the quintessential youngest child and beat on him as he has a lot of his father’s attention (being the only magical child and all). Satveer hates confrontation and will, where possible, get along with everyone. Though it hasn’t caused any issues yet, his parents feel this may one day get him into trouble. Satveer is respectful in both actions and words, though he does have a tendency of not thinking before he speaks. Whilst he would prefer the company of children and peers, Satveer often finds adults easier to get on with as his family life has educated him with life experience beyond his years. Were he traditionally schooled, his teachers would say “He’s a trier!”


Satveer is an ectomorph. He stands taller than your average 11 year old at 4ft 10in and weighed 37kgs. His fast metabolism was the envy of his sister. Satveer was always respectably presented. His hair neatly covered in his Patka (his turban-tying celebration is due during his first year at school). He prefers to wear polo/t-shirts (these are better accepted by peers. Or at least they are less of a target for bullies) but is often overruled by his father. He wears plain trousers that sit neatly above atop his black shoes. Only in the homestead is Satveer permitted to wear any footwear that isn’t deemed tidy (e.g. loafers). He doesn't own any “scruffy” clothes and even his sports/workout shoes are clean. Satveer is often seen with a positive expression but will sometimes be visibly flustered (if he is encumbered).


Satveer is a Mittal. The Mittal family started and run The Mittal Tea Cooperative - the biggest exporter of both magic and muggle teas to Europe from India. They have a long line of proud, pureblood growers and businessmen with a long reach in their industry an unforgiving nature. Satveer’s mother is from a more common family. This in itself isn’t a problem and the Mittal’s saw past it until Bachan (Satveer’s father) spawned squib children. It then came to light that Satveer’s mother’s (Ekta) family had hidden their sqib heavy bloodline during the marriage, a family feud between the families ensued. Satveer’s father was offered a choice – he chose to stay by Ekta’s side and as a result Bachan (and by association, Satveer’s family) were excommunicated. This rendered Satveer’s father out of a job and Satveer with nowhere to live. Satveer’s family moved a lot whilst his father did business and he was brought up to be respectful and professional while being home schooled by his mother. As Satveer is now school age, and can attend a magic school, his family is looking to settle.