Katherine Kendrick


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Wand: Ebony and dragon heartstring, eight and three-quarters inches


Kit Kendrick resembles her father, which is to say that she is a bubbling ball of energy that can steamroll anything in her way - but nicely. She loves socializing with people, crafting, and doing things she perceives as helpful. Often, Kit feels the need to establish herself as the authority on a particular topic even if she isn't, necessarily - although her sheer enthusiasm can sometimes convince people that she is, even momentarily. Self-confidence is something that Kit has an abundance of, even (perhaps particularly) in situations that only make sense if you're running on "Kit Logic". She loves trying new things but isn't particularly independent, preferring to do the same things that her sister or her parents did first. Overall, Kit Kendrick is much more of a follower than a leader - very much the person who would jump off a bridge if you told them to. In fact, jumping off the bridge might be Kit's idea to begin with, given how impulsive she is. She is very physically active and rarely keeps still.


With frizzy red hair that reaches just below her shoulders and bright green eyes, Kit, like Marissa, takes after her father in appearance. She is approximately the normal height for her age, but appears to be largely knees and elbows at the moment. Kit likes to wear bright colors that reflect her personality more than they work with the rest of her physical appearance. On occasion, the younger Kendrick will try to emulate her sister in apparel but it usually doesn't go quite as planned.


Kit is the youngest daughter of Scott and Abby Kendrick. She has a several-years-older sister named Marissa who also attended RMI and was in Aquila House, a fact that Kit loves to share with just about everyone who will listen. Overall, Kit had a relatively mundane childhood in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado. Upon coming to RMI, she immediately made friends with Marley Chapman, her Quidditch partner-in-crime, and Darlene Knight, her roommate. When she received a tarantula (who she named Darby) as a Christmas gift from her older sister, however, she quickly had a falling-out with Darlene, who was less appreciative of Darby than anticipated. Kit also became friends with Dade Farnon (if by 'friends' you mean 'person who she liked to let hex her') and in her second year was invited to join the secret self-defense club that Dade, her cousin Drew, and their friend Remington were in. Although Kit mostly liked trying to dodge the hexes the older students were trying out, she did learn enough defensive magic that her Defense Against the Dark Arts grades started rising. Since Marissa graduated, Kit has decided it is her job to fill her big sister's shoes at RMI. At the beginning of her third year, Kit began going by 'Katherine' and started dating Satveer Mittal, much to the horror of her family.


Tarantulas, everything sweet, sequins, bright colors, Drew and Marley and Myffi, Quidditch


Large birds, DARLENE, homework, nutmeg


Kit wants to be just like her older sister, Marissa.