Clayton Reinhart


Written By Rachel

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Clayton is extremely shy. He enjoys being in nature very much and found it hard to make friends in his first years of Muggle school. He’s very close with his older brother, Waylon, who he looks up to and aims to be like someday. He’s also very intrigued in learning as much as he can about whatever he can. Clayton is into lots of sports, and is very athletic and is always up to try a sport or game once. Also he’s a huge animal lover, which is why he loves spending time in nature so much, so he can observe animals in their natural habitat.


Clayton is short for his age, standing just above 4 foot 3 inches. He has chocolate brown hair and light brown eyes. He’s also very thin, due to all of the exercise he gets from being outdoors, playing sports, or hiking in the mountains. He’s got a baby face, that tends to make him look far younger than he is accompanied with his height.


Clayton’s mother is Pureblood and Clayton’s father is Halfblood. Both of his parents grew up in Montana, and they’ve been there their entire lives. He’s grown up knowing about magic and seeing magic, and when his brother Waylon first discovered his powers he wanted nothing more than to gain his own powers and learn about magic. He’s very close with his brother and his parents. He’s been into sports ever since he was little, and by the time he learned how to walk his brother and father had him snowboarding on the mountains. His brother goes to Durmstrangs, but when Clayton discovered his powers they didn’t want him to travel far, because they were worried he would be homesick and wouldn’t adjust well to being on his own.