Rose Farnon


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 12/25
Wand: 11 1/2 inches, alder and dragon heartstring


Obstinate and vocal are two words that describe Rose well. The oldest of 3, she has spent most of her life advocating for her younger brothers. Even at the age of 16, becoming too angry results in accidental magic of the most disruptive kind. Rose is rarely a self advocate; she instead prefers to empower others, although she sometimes crosses the line between 'empowering' and 'overprotective', particularly when it comes to her youngest brother, Dade, or best friend, Marissa Kendrick. As her yearmates have learned through experience, Rose has very little sense of boundaries and, depending on the situation, is willing to get her way at all costs. Challenging Rose to a dare is a good way to get her to do just about everything.


Rose is short, with curly blonde hair that falls just above her shoulders. Her eyes are hazel and she wears charmed lenses that correct her vision. She is slim to the point of seeming breakable, but is also wiry. Rose wears robes and Muggle clothes, depending on what the situation requires, but usually in cool colors. Thrift shopping with her best friend Marissa is a hobby of hers, resulting in an eclectic wardrobe that makes her stand out in a crowd without breaking the bank. Both of Rose's ears are pierced; she prefers silver jewelry.


The Farnons are a wealthy pureblood family in England - specifically Devonshire - and Rose was raised accordingly. She was only six years old when her mother died and doesn't have high opinions of her father, so much of her childhood was spent in yelling matches with him. Several years after the death of her mother, Rose's father remarried to a wealthy Pureblood witch with a daughter a few years younger than Rose. Rose hates both her stepmother and her stepsister. Aside from perpetual familial conflict, Roses's upbringing was relatively normal. Her father chose to send his children to RMI after repeated arguments with Rose, in which she insisted she wanted to go there because she felt it would bring her closer to her mother. On Rose's first night at RMI, she became best friends with her roommate, Marissa Kendrick. The two girls have been inseparable since then; they work together in class frequently and Rose helps Marissa put together school social events. Rose would do anything for Marissa, as was exemplified in her fifth year when Camilla Baird insulted her. Rose responded by beating Camilla up, with the help of Ruben Lundqvist. In their sixth year, Marissa slept with Ruben - who Rose had a crush on - and Ruben did not act with discretion, earning him Rose's ire. So that Marissa didn't think that she had hurt Rose by sleeping with the guy she had a crush on, Rose started pretending to date Emmett Lawrence, Marissa's ex-boyfriend. By the end of her sixth year, Rose had realized that she actually had feelings for Emmett.


Flying, pulling tricks on her broom, cats, and puffskeins


Dogs, lightning storms, and hot cocoa (it reminds her of when her mother died)


Rose wants to work in charms development and creation when she grows up. She wants to get a full ride to a well-known school.