Mikael Lundqvist


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Acquaintences of his siblings would be surprised to find out that Anselm is a calm and soft-spoken boy. He is slow at speaking English, having only been studying the language for a couple years, but tries not to let on others to his difficulty so as not to make them impatient. His greatest concern is not to be an inconvenience and so he often comes across as complacent or even obediant. Indeed, despite (or more likely because of) being carefully looked after by his parents, Anssi is unaccustomed to speaking his own opinion and tends to hide how he really feels. The exception to this rule is Ruben, whom he views simultaneously as b(r)other and idol.


In some ways, Anselm is quite obviously a Lundqvist: the high cheekbones, full mouth, blue eyes. In others, though, he is quite obviously not. His skin has a pinker tone and his hair is undeniably brown, and also much tidier than either of his older siblings', though this is largely due to his mum's obsession with keeping it trimmed to a reasonable length. Short for his age, Anssi's enjoyment of playing sports is not immediately apparent, with his body still hanging on to much of its baby fat. His most distinguishing feature is a large port-wine birthmark that starts under his left ear and continues down park of his jaw and neck, which he has been made fun of for and as a result often tries to cover up with scarves as long as the weather is cool enough.


Anselm is the only child of Leif Lundqvist and Saara Hämäläinen. As 'sambo', or domestic partners, they have been living together full-time in Umeå for almost the entirety of Anssi's life. Leif was widowed with two children, Dagny and Ruben, but both of them were placed in foster care as a result of his alcoholism; it wasn't until Anssi was a toddler that Leffe regained custody of them. Both of them being some years older, Anssi saw them only rarely, and their sibling relationship was limited to holidays when the older Lundqvist children returned home from Durmstrang Institute. To the surprise of both parents, the magic that had skipped over his Squib father landed in Anssi's genes instead. His first display of magic, Banishing feathers from a pillow and scattering them across the floor, occurred at the age of seven. This initiated a closer relationship with his magical half-siblings, especially his brother. He expected to join them at Durmstrang, but instead the Lundqvists moved to Houston, Texas when Anssi was 11 years old. Saara, being far more invested in academics than her tinkering partner, did some research and decided that RMI was thus the most logical option for her son's education.