Andrew Tennant


Written By Sophia

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: September 26
Wand: Cedar & dragon heartstring


Drew is excitable in good situations but tends not to panic when things go wrong. A laid-back kid, he usually goes with the flow of the situation (and often ends up letting his best friend and cousin Kit Kendrick lead him into mayhem, with little protest). When he has a disagreement with someone, he is usually the first to let it go. In elementary school, he often got in trouble for talking in class. He is usually an Acceptable student, putting in the minimum amount of work he can get away with to still do well, but he does well in Spellwork, Magizoobotany, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. He likes music and can play the guitar and the piano, although he rarely practices the latter.


Drew is short for a boy of his age and an average weight for his height and age. His tawny beige skin reflects his biological parents; his mother is white and his father was presumably black. Drew has curly black hair, which he keeps short. He has dimples when he smiles and a short-bridged nose.


Drew is the oldest child and only son of Garen Tennant, and the stepson/grandson of Aaron McKindy. Drew’s biological mother, Aaron’s daughter Jessie, arranged for Garen to adopt Drew during her pregnancy. He does not know his biological father. Garen and Drew lived in New York for the first few years of Drew’s life before his father resumed his position as counselor at RMI, where they have lived since. He and his younger sister get along occasionally, in a “no one is allowed to pick on Madeleine but me” way. Drew writes for Rocky Voices, is a Beater for the Cetus Quidditch Team, and participates in the pit for Drama Club. Toward the end of his first year, Drew and Connor Farnon got into a fight after Connor used slurs against Drew and his family and Drew physically attacked Connor. As a result of this, Aaron started teaching Drew self-defense magic over the summer. In his second year, Drew and his friend Remington Burnham formed a secret club with Kit Kendrick and Dade Farnon to practice magical and physical self defense. At Drew's invitation, Ruben Lundqvist sponsored the club until he graduated, bringing his brother Anssi into the group as well. Drew is dating yearmate Darlene Knight as of Valentine's Day of their second year.


All genres of music, dragons, ice cream, telling stories, making mixtapes, his girlfriend.


People who insult his family and friends, when people he just met overshare with him, cabbage.


To become a journalist and travel.