Myfanwy Owen


Written By B

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


Myfanwy is very sure of her own mind. She is used to people thinking she’s a little peculiar but honestly she rather likes the attention. If she doesn’t know the answer to a question she is more likely to make up something that sounds plausible and recite it as fact than admit she doesn’t know. Despite sometimes finding joy in stirring up existing trouble, she likes people to be happy, so if there’s a problem she’ll maybe try to fix it, but if that person is just going to keep on being down in the dumps then Myfanwy will quickly find other people to talk to. She likes reading and sketching, and she likes to pick fruit and berries when it’s warm, and to stay in making soup on cold days. Sometimes she likes to be called Myffi but other times she think she might have grown out of that nickname.


Just on the shorter side of average height for her age, Myfanway is very thin, with angular elbows and chin. Her very pale skin is in stark contrast with her very dark hair, which is straight to her shoulders and usually tied up. She has large, blue eyes, further engorged by the large, round glasses she wears. Her wardrobe is eclectic, with wooly garments knitted by her mother and grandmother, and organic cotton skillfully tie-dyed by Myffi or her older sister. She never wears leather, or silk, or clothes manufactured in Asia. Her ears are both pierced in the lobes, and she sometimes wears a little tinted clear lipgloss that her sister has bought for her from the town.


Myfanwy has grown up in a small, rural Welsh village, where everyone has known everyone for generations. Her Mam and Dad have always been the strangest people around, and that’s not all because her Dad is a wizard. They have always been vegetarians, have never owned a car, only ever buy organic and fairtrade products and try never to throw anything away. Myfanwy and her sister, Cledan, who is seven years older have both attended the only school, which teaches about forty students aged four to sixteen. They’ve been educated in magic by their father at home, learning what he thinks are the most important spells. Myffi’s confidence and perceived quirkiness have made her popular at her small school, a popularity which she assumes will follow at her new school.