Silas Graley


Written By Ryan

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Silas loves adventure. He is always down to try anything and rarely turns down a dare. He is outspoken, and not shy in the least bit. He loves to learn but is bored by lectures, he tends to be more hands on. He is a quick thinker, charismatic and energetic. On the other hand, he can be insensitive to other peoples' feelings and intolerant of people who think themselves smarter than him.


Silas has dark brown hair and sharp gray eyes. He is on the shorter side for a second year, and as muscular as a thirteen-year-old boy could be. He tends to dress in t-shirt and jeans that are clean unless he has been outside.


Silas is the oldest child of Abrielle and Lucio Graley a couple who met while researching magical animals in the Amazon. Abrielle an American witch instantly disliked the arrogant Puerto Rican wizard, Lucio. It took months of butting heads before both realized they were into each other. It was a quick courtship as Abrielle was due to go back to America. They were married two months into their relationship. One year later they had Silas and ever since then he and eventually his brothers have been traveling the world with their explorer parents. Abrielle and Lucio run a wizarding magazine called Wildlife of the World. It covers both Magical and Muggle beasts. Silas missed his first year at RMI due Abrielle and Lucio hearing rumors of a Wampus in the Appalachian Mountains and not wanting their son to miss this once in a life time find. Of course, this term it was a Yeti in Tibet that they didn't want him to miss. It was finally Abrielle's mother that put her foot down. They could be nomads all they want never laying down roots but Silas and eventually his brothers would be going to school to learn. Nana pulled some strings at her and Abrielle's alma mater and got Silas transferred in sooner than normally allowed.