Cindra Embers


Written By Cassandra

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Cindra is a very flighty, spacey, air-headed person. People often wonder if she's part of a world of her own. This has, of course, evened out ever so slightly since she was a Draco at Rocky Mountain International, but not enough to make her seem totally normal. She's almost always smiling, and she assumes the best of pretty much everyone she meets. Cindra has a huge heart, and she thinks that coming back to RMI is going to be one of the best ways to give back. She's bubbly, optimistic, and loves a whole lot.


Cindra is a thin, almost wispy looking woman. Her thinness is quite impressive, since she has a ten month old. The thirty-something spent quite a lot of time as a model, so she's well-kept, with flattering makeup and fashionable clothes. Sometimes, though, fashionable means weird or experimental. She only uses makeup that is cruelty free and vegan. She has huge blue eyes. Sometimes, people will count how often she blinks while talking to them, because she makes uninterrupted eye contact with whoever she talks to. The blonde wears any color from pastel to neon, but she does not wear dark clothes. If she can put some kind of Muggle item she's found into her look, she will!


Cindra is the third Embers to have come through Rocky Mountain International. In her time, she was a Draco. She spent her free time skipping around the hallways barefoot, trying to free magical creatures that were being held hostage by the Care of Magical Creatures professor, and volunteering kindness and advice everywhere she went. Instead of finishing college, Cindra dropped out and wandered the world. She found a group that gave her a modeling contract, which allowed her to travel and do all sorts of volunteer work while she traveled. She fell in love with working with students in the last few years, where she taught young witches and wizards in high risk areas of the world how to defend themselves, how to have conversations with each other instead of resorting to violence, and helping them find their true, happy paths to and through their futures. As soon as she saw that Rocky Mountain International was looking for a Defense professor, she thought this was the perfect reason to come home and give back to her community. Also, at some point, she had a baby. Her daughter's name is Rhubarb "Ruby" Embers, and she either doesn't know who the father is, or she just won't say.