Alissa Kendrick


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: halfblood


As the youngest of three in a family that has been more-or-less centred around the arts for her entire life, Alissa grew up being involved in everything her brothers were. She never truly developed interests of her own, but rather was assumed to be as interested in performance as the rest of her family. After years of dance and vocal lessons, in addition to gymnastics and community theatre, Alissa still wasn't sure whether or not she liked those things. When she came to RMI she began to discover herself as a separate entity from her siblings, which eventually led to her quitting theatre altogether, although she discovered that she truly loved dance and Seeking. For several years, she was very bitter over the attention that other people (namely her roommate and her brother) received when she felt she was more qualified than they were, but once Alissa accepted that she was not actually all that fond of theatre she began to mellow out. Since then, she has discovered a true passion for teaching. Although she was once quiet and lacked confidence, Alissa now voices her opinions more frequently and assuredly. She is very deeply caring and loves giving back to the community.



Alissa Kendrick was born the youngest in a family of redheaded performers. Her eldest brother, Randall, is nine years older than her and her middle brother, Scott, is four years older. Her mother is a retired Broadway performer of little repute and her father is a fairly eccentric wizard whose work regularly messes with the Kendrick family's television, much to Alissa's annoyance. At the age of four, Alissa began dance and gymnastics. She performed in her first show, A Christmas Carol, when she was about the same age. Ever since, Alissa has been incorporated into her family's interests but is honestly not truly dedicated to any of them, despite that she possesses the talent to excel. When she was nine, Alissa began exhibiting accidental magic and became the second Kendrick to attend Rocky Mountain International--Randall, taking after their mother rather than their father, never showed magical talent and currently works in an elite dance company in New York City. Since beginning at Rocky Mountain International, Alissa has mostly stuck to the shadows, which is not difficult given who she is related to. She enjoys Seeking, though, and was beginning to expand her group of friends until a particularly awkward situation wherein Alissa realised that she was attracted to Lia Harper. Given Lia's reputation around the school, the lack of reciprocated interest was something of a blow to Alissa's self-esteem. That, coupled with the way casting for RMI's shows had fallen (with Chris Phippen and Zyta Zworski getting roles that Alissa was sure she could handle), ended up with Alissa withdrawing more than ever from RMI society. With the help of Daniel Allsman, Randall's partner, Alissa became more self-assured and confident in following her own interests; at his encouragement, Alissa became Professor Rosse's teaching assistant in her fifth year, which made her seriously consider a career in teaching. Upon becoming both Head Girl and Quidditch Captain in her seventh year, Alissa decided to seize the opportunity to prove her worth to herself and her family...and maybe one of the cuter members of the Lyra Quidditch team. Since graduation, Alissa has been living with Danny in New York City. She took a year off to teach dance and then attempted to earn a teaching degree from SUNY Brockport. She quickly realized that college was not the right path for her, and dropped out before the beginning of her sophomore year. In the year she took off, Alissa had an intimate encounter with Hayden Young that she hoped would lead to a relationship; Hayden did not share the same interest, and the two have not been in close contact since. Alissa currently works at the same dance studio as Chris Phippen teaching younger students. Although she has yet to have a serious relationship, Alissa is currently happily dating an accountant, whose son is one of her students.