Allegra Farnon


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Throughout her first six years of schooling, Allegra was very shy and self-conscious. During the school year she focused on her work to the point where she drove herself to panic attacks and had few friends, but during the summers she received a lot of attention from the students at the university her parents worked at, which made her feel mature and wanted. This bizarre combination led to her gaining a good deal of experience with both male and female partners at an age that could be considered far too young. Although she briefly defied her parents' intentions to betrothe her to Charles Farnon, a pureblooded Englishman from Devonshire who had done a year at the university and hooked up with her more than once, Ally's defiance did not last long. After graduation, she was more-or-less isolated at the estate in Devonshire, and only became more shy and withdrawn.


Allegra had long, mid-back length curly brown hair. Her eyes were hazel (although more green than brown) and tended to be focused on something off in the distance rather than what was actually going on in front of her. Ally's sense of fashion was somewhat modest, preferring long-sleeved shirts or robes with a more moderate neckline. She never got her ears pierced and eschewed jewelry. Her build was slim and, in the years following her marriage, this slimness turned into a sickly look that permeated all of her features. She stood at 5'3" tall.


Allegra's parents were the offshoots of the huge New York Italian pureblood families. Irritated with the lack of legality among many of their kinsfolk, they retreated to the backwaters of Maryland after their marriage. There, Stefano teaches Experimental Charms at the Maryland State Magical College and Lucia teaches remedial Transfiguration. A few years into their marriage they were surprised with the news that Lucia was pregnant. Eight months later, Allegra was born; she was an only child. She was raised on campus by a mixture of her parents, their colleagues, and the students. By the time she turned eleven and went off to school at Pennsylvania State University, she had, needless to say, been exposed to quite a few things that one would not expect a girl of her age to have been exposed to. A few months into the term at Penn U, though, her parents got wind of some untoward actions of students on campus and transferred Allegra, mid-term, to RMI. Her first two years at RMI she received good, although not exemplary, grades. However, due to the stress that can be largely attributed to parental influence and a sense of personal perfectionism, she stopped sleeping well in her third year and her temper became rather short. Allegra also began experiencing mild panic attacks, which got worse in her fourth and fifth years, but later subsided. In her sixth year, Ally was picked as the Cetus House Prefect, a position she took great pride in. She also began to date Katrina Embers, whom she had been attracted to for quite awhile. At the end of a particularly tumultuous sixth year, wherein she fought with most of her friends and made more enemies than she thought possible, Ally developed a backbone: upon being informed of her impending betrothal, Allegra informed her parents that she would not be conforming to pureblood custom by following through with the marriage and she was promptly disowned. Having reconciled with Kat Embers, she spend the summer at the Embers' household and decided that she would continue at Sapienti University of Magic after her seventh year. However, this was not to be. During an Apparition lesson after Midterm of her seventh year, Allegra collapsed. Upon admittance to the hospital wing, it was determined that Ally had contracted mononucleosis, and she was sent home to recover. After being faced with the pressures of both her family and her fiancé during her time spent at home, Allegra gave in to the betrothal with Charles Farnon, an English pureblood (alumnus of MSMC) with whom she had been involved during the summers before her fourth and fifth years. She returned to school in late April, taking IMPs in Charms (A), Potions (D), Transfigurations (A) and Introduction to Healing (D) and was married in late June. On Christmas Day of that year she gave birth to a daughter, who she named Rose. However, Charle's relationship with Allegra quickly turned abusive when he was around, and upon finding out what exactly had gone on between her and her Housemates at RMI, Charles refused to let her keep in contact with any of them. Several years later, Allegra gave birth to a premature baby boy, Connor, on 29 December. Soon after, she found out she was pregnant once more, but this time suffered a miscarriage in her second trimester, and was advised by the attending midwife not to have more children. However, a few months later Allegra was pregnant once more, and once more she went into significantly early labor, delivering another baby boy on 1 January. During the birth, her uterine wall ruptured and she suffered from an amniotic fluid embolism. She died shortly afterwards. Her children all chose to attend RMI.