Elise Jacobs


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


When Elise was younger, she was somewhat high-strung; she was raised to be obedient and loyal to her family, but the constant fighting between her two older brothers, Rob and Trevor, left her very uncertain as to where her loyalty should lie. Elise used to focus on making everybody happy and would blame herself when those around her were unhappy. Her attendance at RMI left her torn between her parents' expectation of her behavior as a pureblood witch and the friends she had made, who were largely Muggleborn. Over time, as she realized that her parents had flaws themselves and this helped her to become a more calm and balanced person. Her later involvement with the Jacobs family business helped her become a more assertive and self-assured person. Elise mediates conflict easily and is good at seeing all sides in most arguments.


Elise has shoulder-length, silky brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears her hair down, unless she is touring one of the Jacobs family's factories. Typically, Elise wears business or business-casual clothing, preferring to match black skirts and blazers with lighter pastel blouses. The slimness that was enforced by strict dieting in her younger years has shifted to a healthier weight with adulthood (and escape from her mother's control).


Born to the Jacobs family, the third of four, Elise has two older brothers and one younger sister. Since her sister Kaitlyn was both unplanned and four years her junior, Elise spent the first years of her life being pampered and shown what a good pureblood girl should do. Her mother spent a good deal of time with her, just as her father spent a good deal of time with her brother Trevor, who is only seventeen months older than her. Her oldest brother, Rob, was mostly cared for by an in-house Healer due to his condition, and Elise only saw him infrequently. Once Kaitie was born, her mother spent less time with Elise and she began to feel as though she'd done something wrong. When she was betrothed to Sebastian Edwards at the age of ten, Elise felt as though she'd stepped into the shoes her mother wanted her to fill. However, attending school at RMI has made Elise's life much more difficult. For one, she found that she's very good at Potions, Transfigurations, and Herbology, which makes her nervous since she was always told that a lady knows her Charms and might garden a bit, but is not expected to do anything strenuous in other areas. As it turns out, Elise also gets on very well with Muggleborns, which is contrary to what her family has encouraged her to do in terms of making friends at school. Her coursework and social life turned into a constant battle between excelling and living up to the image of a good, Pureblood girl, which was further complicated by the later realization of crushes on both of her roommates - Alexandra Knight and Annalise Hier. The summer before her second year, Kaitie was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and sent away to a special school in California. This put the entire Jacobs family on edge, and in a particularly notable moment, Elise and Trevor fought over whether Kaitie should have stayed at home or not, which resulted in Trevor hitting Elise. To be fair, Elise had blackened his eye first, but since then she has been hesitant to contradict people who have any degree of power over her, nervous that something similar might happen again. When Elise graduated from RMI, betrothal with Sebastian Edwards broken, she intended to attend Wellesley College to study Charms and hopefully make connections that would turn into marriage. However, just before she was going to leave for school, her father had a heart attack. His ensuing heart problems left him unable to run the family business; that responsibility landed in Trevor's lap. Knowing Trevor's struggles with social skills, Elise elected to take on an internal relations role in the family business. Several years later, Trevor died unexpectedly in a motorcycle accident. Given Rob's disaffiliation with the family and Kaitie's condition, Elise inherited the company by default and has been running it successfully since.