Fatima Morgan


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: unknown


When she was younger, Tima had very little common sense - what common sense she did have was often used to prevent her Da, the school Headmaster for part of her academic career, from terrorizing the school too much. However, as she grew up, Tima became a much calmer, rational person. Now, she is extremely discreet and rarely engages in more than smalltalk with people aside from her best friend, Sara, and her Da. She is still an extremely physically active person and although Tima has learned to keep herself out of scrapes, her clever ideas still lead to some interesting adventures.


Tima's skin is light brown and she has straight, black hair and large, bright green eyes. She is short, standing at only 5'2", and is very wiry and well-muscled due to her frequent physical activity which includes martial arts. Her ears are pierced and she usually wears small silver studs. Tima dresses to blend in with her environment, which can mean any number of things depending on her location, which can change with frequency. Sensible footwear is the one constant in Fatima's outfits.


Fatima is a Kuwaiti orphan who was raised in a fairly well-off orphanage in Sulaybikhat until she was three, when Tobias Morgan visited the orphanage during a community service event that he had arranged for his students. He fell in love with the little girl and at four, she was officially his adopted child. Since then, Tima has been raised in a moderately wealthy environment, moving from school to school with her Da. Financially, her childhood was definitely in the upper middle class. Her Da is a Pureblood, so Tima has decided she is a Pureblood too, although her actual blood status is obviously unknown. During her time at RMI, particularly after her Da was transferred to another school and Tima chose to stay at RMI rather than following him, Tima matured significantly. This was partially due to the influence of Kris de los Santos, the mother of her close friend Sara. In her early years, Tima led Sara on any number of wild escapades that became more tame (although no less interesting) throughout their school years. Tima graduated with top marks in all of her classes and immediately went to work for the magical unit of MI6. She is currently stationed in Syria, but lives in Istanbul where she shares an apartment with Sara. Although Tima has had some romantic interests over the years, her lifestyle is not particularly conducive to relationships at this point in time.