Kaseem Bakhum


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Raised to act the gentleman, Kaseem still does so, but with something of a casual informality. He tends to take everyday occurrences without any degree of seriousness. However, when his family is involved, any trace of joking tends to disappear very quickly. Although he disapproves of the choices his sister makes in her social activities, Kaseem remains loyal to his family and truly does possess a deep-seated love for them. He is particularly close to Aasera despite her best attempts to irritate him in his acts of protectiveness, largely because of their astonishing similarities--not that either one of them would admit this, of course.


Kaseem's eyes are a deep, serious brown and his gaze is somewhat intimidating. He is approximately 6'2" with broad shoulders and a muscular build. The muscles of his upper arms are particularly developed, as Kaseem has spent years training as a Beater both privately and on the Draco Quidditch Team. Facial hair is something the Egyptian eschews, preferring to remain clean-shaven with his black hair kept cropped closely to his skull. Kaseem's sense of style is one of tasteful wizardry. He always wears clothing suited to the occasion, although this clothing varies from the casual Muggle jeans and a t-shirt to ornate dress robes in the Egyptian tradition. Additionally, his skin is a darker brown than is typical for his country.


Kaseem is the oldest son to an affluent Egyptian family. Both of his parents hold high ranking, powerful positions in the Egyptian government. His father is in international trade, his mother in international relations. Consequently, Kaseem has lived all over the world, and is fluent in Arabic, Ancient Egyptian (used mainly in spell casting), and English. The boy is currently studying Swahili. He has a massive family, spanning generations of uncles, aunts, and cousins. Kaseem has a sister, Aasera, two years younger than him, and two brothers-one three years younger, Majed, and one six years younger, Zahur. Kaseem studied at RMI from his first through his third year, then took his fourth and fifth year to study abroad at La Academia Italiana in Italy. Although his parents are not Dark Wizards, per se, they have a strong respect for the Dark Arts; as Kaseem wishes to be an Auror, they encouraged him to take that opportunity to learn in an almost exclusively pureblood environment. Upon returning to RMI in his sixth year, Kaseem was made House Prefect. He was also able to keep a closer eye on his sister, Aasera, and regain his position on the Draco Quidditch team while studying for the IMPs he would be taking early in order to procure an Auror's internship the following year. In his seventh year, Kaseem interned at the regional Auror's office, Flooing to and from the office on a regular basis. He developed a passion for advanced partner dueling during his internship, further encouraging him that he had chosen the correct career. After graduating from RMI with top marks, Kaseem returned to Egypt where he graduated with honors from the Egyptian Magical University in Cairo, majoring in Magical Law Enforcement with a dual minor in Swahili and Dueling Arts. He has since graduated from a special training academy for the elite Egyptian Auror taskforce that specializes in historical reclamation of ancient Egyptian artifacts.