Garen Tennant


Written By Sophia

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: October 9
Wand: Spruce & fwooper feather


Garen is typically playful and tries not to take himself too seriously. He is fiercely protective of those he cares for, especially members of his found family. He has strong paternal instincts and is prone to taking in students whose families don't treat them well. Garen is compassionate to a fault and finds himself asked for advice by RMI alumni almost as frequently as by current students. He has a tendency to meddle. He is an excellent singer and actor. His hobbies include playing guitar and piano and becoming overly invested in his kids' interests.


Garen is six feet tall and has a lean build. He has laugh lines around his brown eyes. He is fair-skinned and of Scottish-Irish-American descent. Garen is in his early fifties and wears reading glasses when needed. He has brown hair and very expressive eyebrows.


Garen Riley Tennant grew up near Washington D.C. with his parents, Noah and Clara Tennant. He attended a magical school in Massachusetts and went on to attend Cornell University, where he received degrees in theater and psychology. After graduation, he bounced around between acting and directing gigs until taking the job of counselor at RMI at the age of 26. Over the next eight years he acquired several other positions at the school, including Drama Club director, Lyra Head of House, and Deputy Headmaster. Garen met then-Quidditch coach Aaron McKindy during his second year at RMI. They began dating and were married in the summer before T7, when Aaron left RMI to teach at another school. The couple divorced three years later when Garen discovered Aaron was having an affair with a coworker. This resulted in them losing custody of their two foster children, Cooper and Melody Abramson. A couple years after that, Garen left RMI to pursue acting full-time in NYC. Garen has two children, Drew (adopted, born September T14) and Madeleine (surrogacy, born April T18). Both are the biological children of Jessie McKindy, his ex-husband's daughter. Garen also considers Abigale and Katrina Embers, two former RMI students who he took in as teenagers, to be his daughters. Garen returned to RMI in T18 to resume his role as counselor and assist with the Drama Club. As of T19, Garen and Aaron have decided to give their relationship another try. Aaron moved in with the Tennants a few years later when he took the Spellwork professor post at RMI. Garen and Aaron remarried in T25. The household also includes Aaron's cat Circe, Garen's macaw Caliban, and Madeleine's puffskein Jennyanydots. Garen became estranged from his parents when he was eighteen after coming out to them as bisexual. His parents divorced shortly afterwards. His mother died when Garen was in his thirties from complications related to alcoholism. He is in sporadic contact with his father.


His family, showtunes, Shakespeare, popcorn.


Being lied to, parents who treat their kids poorly, alcohol.


To be a good father to Drew and Madeleine, to have no more ARSON at RMI, and to open a theater with his daughter Abby after retiring from RMI.