Hank Macrae


Written By Austin

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Hank is a predominantly friendly person, although he is more guarded than he would like to be - largely due to years of drama in his primary education and a vehemently homophobic family. Overall, Hank is nice but disinclined to trust his own instincts. He spends a noticeable amount of time worrying about what other people think of him. Hank is loyal to family and friends, particularly his youngest sister, with whom he currently lives. He is easygoing, but prefers honesty and straightforward communication to subtlety. After some time spent living in the city, Hank has grown to tolerate people, but is really a country boy at heart.


Hank has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He stands at 5'11", an inch shorter than his father and seven inches taller than his mother. When he was younger, he was well-muscled due to the work he did when he was home on his family's ranch but years of city living (and a disinterest in sports or gym membership) have left him with a little bit of a stomach. He still prefers to wear denim jeans and flannel, and although he rarely wears his beloved cowboy hat now, it does have a special place on a shelf in his closet.


Hank Macrae is the oldest of four, all born on a ranch in Oak Creek, Colorado. Both of his parents are Muggles and as far as he is aware, there has not been a wizard in his family's history; his two brothers (Rob, three years his junior and Jake, five years his junior) lack magical talent as well, although his sister Megan (six years his junior) is a witch. When Hank turned 11, he was invited to attend an elite magical military academy in Georgia. Although he accepted, and attended his first year at the academy, Hank had an extremely negative experience and transferred to RMI in his second year. At first, Hank was hesitant, but he soon made friends with Kaiser Martix and Scott Kendrick, his roommates. Aside from a strong aversion to Defense Against the Dark Arts (which actually resulted in his friendship with Jordan Hare-Petros), his first several years at RMI were relatively incongruous. In his fourth year, Hank realised his attraction to Kaiser, and the two boys began to date. In their fourth and fifth year, the pair were on-and-off consistently because Hank was constantly torn between what he saw as his duty to his family to behave as expected, and his strong affection for his roommate. The situation was complicated by Scott Kendrick's actions, and rumours that flew around RMI. After two years of that, Hank decided he'd had enough and consequently asked Ivy Tallow out at the Opening Feast of his sixth year. The situation with his roommates resulted in Hank's decision to graduate at the end of his sixth year after taking IMPs in Herbology (O), Transfiguration (E), and Care of Magical Creatures (E). The July after his graduation, Hank was confronted by his mother about a half-written letter to Kaiser she had found in his wastebasket. Consequently, the Coloradan left Oak Creek that night. After he left home, he struggled to support himself and eventually ended up in a halfway home for LGBT youth in Denver, earning his GED. Once he did so, he started taking classes at Boulder Community College, working part-time as a barista at a local coffee shop. After he got his Associate's in Biology, Hank got a full ride to the University of Boulder where he majored in animal science (magical and mundane). He attended a specialized veterinary school in Montana that worked closely with the only graphorn reserve in the United States. Since then, Hank has developed a career as a veterinarian for endangered and rare large animals, which has resulted in him traveling around the world. The June before he turned 25, Hank had recurring fevers and a bizarre skin rash that led him to consult a Healer. After a battery of tests, Hank was informed in late August that he had been diagnosed as HIV positive and immediately began a regimen of anti-retroviral potions. His T-cell count recovered quickly, and he has since adhered strictly to his regimen of pills and potions. Hank currently lives in Denver, Colorado where he shares an apartment with his youngest sibling and guest lectures at the University of Boulder while working primarily with thunderbird preservation in nearby Arizona. He occasionally visits various locations in Africa where he works with erumpets and smaller dragons.