Mónica Jiminez


Written By Austin

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born


When she was younger, Mónica was very angry, largely due to pressure from her family to be like her five successful, married older sisters. She was frequently driven by a contrary urge to be as unlike them as possible, resulting in her barely scraping by in school and becoming an extremely successful Beater on her House team (although admittedly, one who had a few very nasty fouls called against her). She has always idolized her grandfather and shares his affinity for puzzles and riddles. Once Mónica moved back to Mexico and began working with her grandfather, she became a much calmer person, although she maintains a tough, no-nonsense exterior.


Standing at five foot one, Mónica has not grown since her fifth year at RMI. She has shoulder-length wavy black hair that is often tied back in a braid, and brown eyes. She usually wears cargo pants and a tank-top or t-shirt, although as she has gotten older, she has conceded to wearing colorful skirts when the occasion requires it. The last time Mónica wore robes was at RMI, and she plans to never return to them. Mónica has a small rose tattooed on her left ankle, an early present from one of her brothers-in-law for her quince.


Born seven years after what her parents thought would be their last child, Mónica spent her first five years in Mexico. A few months before she turned six, the Jiminezes moved to Nevada, where her parents are both employed by a prestiguous medical clinic. Mónica has never forgiven her parents from moving away from the one place she truly identifies with. Already a decent soccer player, Mónica continued this through elementary school, regularly beating the boys in her gym class and coed sports league at athletic feats, but never developing anything more than a wary mutual respect with any of them. Her childhood was primarily marked with her older sisters' weddings, family events, and occasional visits with her abuelo back in Mexico, the one family member Mónica gets along with. Coincidentally, he is also a wizard. When Mónica received her letter from RMI just before she was to start sixth grade, she was both excited and annoyed--she had wanted to attend the magical school in Mexico, where her abuelo had gone. After many arguments, he finally persuaded the girl to attend RMI, where she made almost all of her friends and enemies in the first two months of her arrival. Mónica also found a home in the Quidditch team and Aquila House. The summer before her fifth year, her final sister got married and moved away to live with her husband, leaving Mónica home alone with her parents, who immediately began concentrating their efforts on 'normalising' their youngest daughter. Mónica resisted those attempts. After graduating from RMI with excellent IMP scores (O's in Intro to Healing and Potions, E's in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Muggle Studies), Mónica decided to move to Mexico with her abuelo and work with him in his clinic, learning Healing magic. Although Mónica has become adept at Healing magic, she still works with her abuelo serving several isolated villages (magical and Muggle) in southern Mexico. She is unmarried and uninterested in changing that fact, but does have a daughter, who she named Ana.