Reece Campbell


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Serious but tentative, Reece is unobjectively ill-suited to life in the wizarding world. His highly logical thought process and belief in the scientific rationalization of Everything led him for many years to reject the idea of magic. Later on, when he came to grudgingly accept that "something" unexplainable existed, he continued to deny magic and built up a conspiratorial argument against the magical government. Skeptical, somewhat paranoid, and most comfortable with his wand stuffed deep in his sock drawer, Reece is content to keep moving on in life without wasting another thought on magic. Except that's impossible. But he tries to relax a bit.


In many ways, Reece's appearance reflects his background-y nature: dark shaggy hair, constant stubble, grey eyes that never stay focused in one place for very long. However, he is over six-and-a-half feet tall and lanky to boot, which makes him stand out more than necessary or at least more than he wants to. His typical dress is sort of business-casual (jeans and the odd pair of slacks with polos), but noticeably well-worn and sometimes faded in colour. His facial expressions typically range from "suspicious" to "tired" to "thoughtfully tired", with the rare smile thrown in. See:


Raised in a household of seven crammed inside (but mostly escaping outside) a cottage in the rural hills overlooking Helmsdale, the vast majority of Reece's early life was spent along the northern Scottish coast. He was both the second-born child and the only one born with magic. This created some drama when a Ministry rep first popped up to explain the magical schooling system and how he had been auto-enrolled at Hogwarts, which his parents quickly vetoed in favour of RMI, as they had relatives in Colorado to keep an eye on him. This in turn created more drama when his RMI Portkey activated and Reece vanished right out of his uncle's car. For better or worse, his arrival to RMI was therefore interpreted as a "kidnapping", and so It began. It being the grand adventures of Reece as he tried to expose his new indoctrination centre (RMI) and The Main Enemy (then-Headmaster Gaston Munro). His first three years were spent conducting semi-sneaky experiments around the grounds as he tried to determine the source of the hallocinogenic drugs enabling this evil team to trick children into believing they could do magic. By his fourth year, Reece was starting to think that the lack of evidence meant something, and by his fifth year, he was appalled to learn of the strong powers that wizards claimed to have. With no interest in sticking around, he left one day in early sixth year and never looked back. Well, kind of. Reece's experiences at RMI fuelled his desire to see the wizarding government brought down and have some better, moral-er restraints imposed. After a baffling period that started with protests, morphed into police custody, and ended with him walking out of the psychiatric ward of St. Mungo's set on distancing himself from as much of the wizarding world as possible, Reece wound up in New York City with none other than Addisynne Leppit - his old mentor/friend/idol long ago at RMI. This proved that Reece did not a very good job of fulfilling his interest in fleeing all magic and memories thereof, but so far it's worked out. To date, Reece is still living with Addi and her family (now his family, too, kind of). He works as a self-trained IT specialist, because for some reason universities don't look twice at applications from teenage dropouts, and sometimes relaxes long enough to crack a few jokes with Addi's son Tycho (now his son, too, kind of).