Ophelia Harper


Written By Sophia

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 29 February
Wand: Pussy willow wood & Antipodean Opaleye heartstring


Lia will not back down from an argument or a conversation until her point is made. She is not shy and, in fact, frequently shares more information than her conversational partner is likely comfortable with. When given the choice, she tends towards both hedonism and jokes about sex. Although defensive of the people she loves, Lia has no qualms about being blunt with them when she feels they need it. She balks at the idea of obligations and pureblood traditions. At school, she occasionally got in trouble due to her flagrant disregard for all rules. She enjoys theater, especially contemporary musicals, and occasionally acts in Muggle productions with her friend John’s theater company. She enjoys having “girl time” with her daughter Ariana and doing daredevilish activities with her son Elliot. She also participates in group cosplays with her husband and children when they go to conventions, even though she doesn’t know the source material most of the time.


Lia has grey eyes, which she describes as silver, and stands at around 5'5". She is Caucasian and has black hair, which she keeps just below shoulder length. Lia has a heart-shaped face and good bone structure. She is thin and regularly does pilates, tai chi, and other assorted fitness classes to stay in shape. Her sense of style can usually be described as somewhere between “sweet risqué” and “femme fatale chic,” and she does not believe that there is such a thing as an outfit being “too young for her age.” Lia has cartilage piercings and several black ink tattoos: a black shooting star on the inside of her right shin, a sleeve of feathers on her left arm, and a musical staff cuff with heart-shaped notes on her right arm. The latter two tattoos are magical, enchanted to move and to play music, respectively.


Ophelia Zenda Harper grew up with her parents, Elliot Harper and Roy Lee, and older brother Norbert Damien Lee, in Boston, Massachusetts. Lia was born as the result of a surrogate pregnancy between Elliot Harper and Blanche Callis, a friend of the family. Roy was a pureblood, disowned by his family for his sexual conduct; Elliot was the son of a witch and a Muggle. As a result, Lia and Norbert were raised with exposure to both magical and Muggle cultures. When Lia was eight, Elliot and Roy were killed while working as magical creature researchers in South America. Norbert, who was seventeen and freshly-graduated from RMI (Aquila), took a job at a wizarding bank and attempted to raise his younger sister. This resulted in Lia having limited supervision while growing up, although she did spend a significant amount of time with the families of her Muggle friends John Timber, Celeste Saundry, Brett Mattingly, and Adam Walden. Lia attended RMI from age eleven and was sorted into Lyra. She quickly became involved in the Drama Club and her House Quidditch team, where she played Beater. Her favorite class was Transfiguration, which eventually led to her becoming a falcon Animagus; conversely, she struggled with both Potions and Charms, leading to her dropping the former and seeking tutoring from the latter. A very friendly person, Lia had many friends at RMI, many of whom—including Allegra Ruisi, Scott Kendrick, Katrina Embers, Calisto Cardozo, and Ivy Tallow—she also kissed. Not a particularly chaste or discreet person, Lia developed a reputation around the school as being slutty, which generally did not bother her. She also became very close friends with underclassmen and fellow Lyras Hayden Young and Christabel Phippen. Other friends included Kaiser Martix, Abigale Embers, Audrey West, Alissa Kendrick, Antonia Barrows, and Cosette Embers. As a teenager, Lia became reacquainted with her birth mother. Although at first Lia shunned Blanche’s attempts to become her friend, vehemently denying anything more than apathy towards the woman, the two grew closer than Lia expected, owing largely to Lia becoming close with Blanche’s son, Logan Brophy, who she regards as a brother. In the summer before her fifth year, Lia and her Muggle friends in Boston were in a car crash. One of Lia’s friends, Adam, was left in a coma after the accident; the others recovered. Shortly after Lia’s fifth year ended, Adam was taken off life support and passed away. During her fifth year, following a fatal car accident in his family, Lia also started dating a Muggle—one of Chris Phippen’s brothers, Jimmy. Despite her previous activities at school, Lia attempted to be faithful to Jimmy. Although Lia largely enjoyed her time at RMI—especially her involvement with the drama club, her time as Lyra Quidditch Captain, and even her ironic Head Girl position—the presence of conservative pureblooded inspectors in the school marred her seventh year, and she was glad to leave. Following graduation, in an attempt to delay commitment and adulthood, Lia left on a several-months-long trip around the world, visiting as many countries as possible and avoiding communication with friends and families back home. When she returned, Jimmy proposed, and they were married on New Year’s Eve when Lia was eighteen. She attended NYU and received a bachelor’s degree in business. After graduation, she took a job as a flight attendant for an international airline, while Jimmy went on to work in video game design. Lia became pregnant at the age of twenty-four. Although she did not want children, Jimmy did, so Lia told her husband that she was okay with going through with the pregnancy. She gave birth to a boy they named Elliot Roy Phippen after her fathers. Lia’s lack of interest in having a child led to postpartum depression, exacerbated by Lia transitioning to domestic flights and eventually losing her job when her airline was absorbed by a larger company. She began working as a bartender and, when Elliot was one, started going to therapy for her depression. She and Jimmy also entered couple’s counseling, leading to them exploring non-monogamy in the form of threesomes. Openness about both of them identifying as bisexual helped Lia feel more supported in their marriage, and she became more emotionally stable. With Jimmy’s support, Lia opened a nightclub when she was twenty-six, which she named Peregrine after her Animagus form. Peregrine is mixed magical and Muggle, and Lia goes out of her way to hire squibs and other people who have difficulty fitting into their communities. Eventually, Lia managed to feel comfortable enough with parenting that she was willing to have another child; their daughter, Ariana, was born when Lia was thirty. The family lives in New York City.


Flying (via broom, airplane, or Animagus form), her husband, alcohol, theater, tattoos, bright lipsticks, gossiping, proving people wrong.


Conservatives, small children (except for hers), stingrays, avian flu, her best friends having a messy divorce and not getting along.


Lia’s ambitions are to 1) continue running her nightclub and scheduling kickass events there, and 2) do lots of traveling as soon as the kids go to RMI.