Copeland Henkes


Written By Sophia

Gender: other
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Birthday: May 18
Wand: Fir & hippogriff feather


Copeland likes nature and is happiest when he is spending time outdoors or playing sports. It is important to him that people think he is fair and a good person. He values honesty and, perhaps consequently, is bad at both lying and determining whether people are lying, which makes him gullible. Copeland tries really hard at things, but it often doesn’t pay off. Whether because he has a bad memory or because he has trouble problem-solving, Copeland struggles with all things academic, resulting in a hatred of school.


Cope has brown hair, which he’s worn short—just slightly longer than a buzz cut—for as long as he can remember. Copeland has a broad-shouldered, muscular build, and stands at 5’11”. He liked to play sports when he was younger; he was a Beater at RMI and played football at home. Currently, he does a lot of hiking and weightlifting. He has brown eyes and thick eyebrows. His feet are slightly larger than average. Copeland is white and both blushes and sunburns easily. His lips are usually chapped even though he uses SPF 30 chapstick. He is right-handed.


Copeland is the only child of Penny and Geoff Henkes. His parents are Muggles; his father is a financial consultant and his mother is a preschool teacher, although she took a break to be a homemaker after Copeland was born until he turned ten. Copeland grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming. He was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when he was five and spent a lot of time in the hospital until he was declared cancer-free two years later. His mother became very protective of him following his diagnosis, which put some strain on their relationship, as Cope felt disliked being babied. He has a good relationship with his dad, who often took him hiking in nearby Bighorn National Park when he was a kid. Geoff’s sister Brenda is a witch, so the family was surprised but not completely caught off-guard when Copeland displayed magic. When Brenda took him to buy a wand, Copeland realized that he knew the wandmaker, Tripp Lemont, with whom he had been in hospital. The two renewed their acquaintance and Copeland occasionally wrote to Tripp while he was at RMI. Cope participated in the Drama Club and the Quidditch program at RMI, where he was sorted into Cetus. His school performance was mediocre, and he typically earned Acceptable and Poor grades. The one exception was Cultural Studies, which he enjoyed and which was the only class that made him feel like he wasn’t the dumbest person in the room. He loved playing Beater, but was moved from first-string to the reserves for the Cetus team when he was a third-year. Although restored to a regular position on the team one year later, he maintained a mistrust for the captain. After graduation, Copeland attended community college in his hometown to study ecology for one year before quitting. Shortly thereafter, he was hired as a park ranger and firewatcher at a national park in Montana that doubles as a centaur reserve.


Nature, hiking, Quidditch, burgers, fries, milkshakes.


Taking tests, hospitals, needles, sunburn, feeling stupid.


See his Quidditch team (the Boise Billywigs) take the national title, get box seats to a Quidditch World Cup finals game, become on better terms with the centaurs in his park, and hike the Appalachian trail.