Ellen Cooke


Written By Mallory

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Keeps to herself mostly, serious issues with confidence and covers it up with being snarky and borderline rude.


Pale, very pale. Long brownish red hair (mid chest) usually worn in braided pigtails even though it makes her look younger than she is. Skinny, but not sickly skinny, just thin. about 5'5"


Her English father came from a magical family, but was a squib. He never finished wizard schooling, and moved form England to California in America at 17, intentionally leaving it all behind. He had hoped and assumed his children would never be magical, just as he was, but around 9 she started showing possible magical abilities. Ellen's mother is a muggle and had no idea about magic until her daughter's letter came. So when it came mid June of Ellen's 12th year of life, this created an division between her parents because Rupert, her father, had hid the whole magical world past from their family. They argued for weeks, and he left the house for a few days over it even, but in the end, she wanted Ellen to go, and he didn't. She wanted that opportunity even if she had to attend 'that damn magic school'.