Nolan Ramsey


Written By Sophia

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


According to his parents, Nolan is “stubborn as a re’em.” He rarely lets setbacks get to him; after he lost his leg, he was back in the saddle within the month. He enjoys reading and writing poetry but is not particularly bookish otherwise. He is bad at hiding his emotions, especially disappointment and anger. Apart from the morning routines of taking care of his family’s winged horses, he is not used to having a lot of structure in his day. He is chronically late to things and becomes annoyed when people point this out. He has a good head for directions and for details, especially when it comes to his horses.


Nolan has auburn hair that occasionally gets cowlicks but usually looks casually tousled. He has olive green eyes. He is fair-skinned with ruddy undertones and a few freckles. He is right-handed. Always active, he has a wiry frame. Nolan lost his left leg above the knee nine years ago in a riding accident. He usually wears long pants that hide his magically-augmented prosthetic. He also has a pair of forearm crutches that he can use instead, but he typically just uses the prosthetic.


Nolan’s parents, purebloods of some small means, own a winged horse ranch in central Oklahoma. Nolan spent much of his childhood riding and helping with the horses. Nolan’s mother Marilla is the fourth daughter of an offshoot of the Cavanaugh family. Nolan’s father Sylvanus Ramsey is a third son who by all rights should never have inherited. However, his eldest brother recently died childless under mysterious circumstances, and the second brother was subsequently arrested for his murder. The family is currently scrambling to deal with the succession situation. One consequence of this was sending Nolan to an IWCE school rather than the small local homeschooling group he previously attended. Nolan was not thrilled about the change and argued against it. Regardless of whether a conviction is made, it seems that Sylvanus—and, in due course, Nolan—will now be the Ramsey heir.