Lydia Hart


Written By Agda

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Like many other eleven year olds, Lydia is still rather immature. She likes running around at the beach with her friends and eating ice cream and spam musubis. At home, she tries to be helpful although her older brother doesn’t always appreciate the input. She is starting to get into her teenage years which means becoming more and more annoyed with anything her parents do and although she loves them, she is at the age where she often thinks she knows better than them. Lydia is interested in all things ocean-related and can spend hours watching nature documentaries.While Lydia definitely has a crush on Kai Lee, she is annoyed by the gushing stereotypically attributed to “boy-crazy girls” and so she acts like she doesn’t have a crush on anyone.


Lydia has straight, dark brown hair and dimples. She is supposed to wear glasses but doesn’t because she doesn’t like how the lenses fog up when she eats or goes in and out of air conditioned places or how they get salty when she’s at the beach which is whenever she can be. Lydia favors a feminine style of dress and never takes off the necklace her parents gave her for her 11th birthday, a gold chain with a sea star pendant.


For as long as she could remember, Emily Hart from Virginia wanted to be an author. Odd things had always just…happened to her, no explanation possible and she had always thought these things would make good stories. Her classmates thought she was weird and she got in trouble with her teacher for doing things that couldn’t be explained. This all changed when she was accepted into Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There she was sorted into Horned Serpant and became friendly with Julie Higa, a pureblood Pukwudgie from Hawai‘i in Charms class. Each girl had their own group of friends and though they lost touch shortly after graduating they were reconnected at an alumni event. Julie who had become an editor for Ka Hōkū Leo, the regional wizarding newspaper, remembered that her old schoolmate liked to write stories and offered to publish a couple in the Entertainment and Arts section. Emily’s short stories about a girl named Clementine Spencer who was torn between the wizarding and muggle world (and two boys from each world) were instant hits and her brother encouraged her to publish them. Wanting her old schoolmates and teachers to read her writing and see how wrong they were about her, Emily rewrote her stories to be about a girl named Clementine Hart trapped between the love of a vampire and a werewolf since vampire-werewolf stories appeared to be so popular in the muggle world and adopted the pen name M.S. Spencer. She and Julie stayed in touch with Julie serving as an editor for her books before she sent them to her publisher and after working so closely together, their friendship developed into more and Emily moved in with Julie. They traveled to Massachusetts in order to marry in the first state to legalize gay marriage. A few years later, they adopted a baby boy who had been left on the steps of a McDonald’s in Waikiki, not caring if he was magical or not because the story was so heartbreaking. When the baby, Dylan, was four Emily and Julie decided to have another child—this time they used IVF and a few weeks after Dylan’s fifth birthday Lydia was born. Lydia has been at Muggle school her whole life up until RMI, this coupled with having a Muggle/Squib for a brother and a Muggleborn mother with a loving Muggle family, she is attuned to both the magical and Muggle worlds. Lydia and her brother, Dylan, often call their parents by their first names, sometimes using Mom for Emily and Mama for Julie. Sometimes they’ll teasingly say “Maddah” for either one, or “Okaasan” to Julie if they feel like being annoying.