Hayden Young


Written By B

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


Hayden's mood is often affected by those around him. He makes friends easily, is quick to laugh, and forgives readily. However he also has a short temper, is prone to emotional outbursts, and can have trouble trusting people. He prefers to be independent, but inevitably there are occasions he must depend on others; he is keen to prove himself capable. Likewise his visual impairment necessitates a meticulous approach to living, whereby his belongings are kept exactly where he is able to locate them. Hayden enjoys physical activity, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. He occasionally needs time alone but that is usually short-lived.


Hayden is tall, standing at approximately 6”1’, with broad shoulders. He has dark brown hair, no longer in the uneven, spiked tufts of his school days, but kept short and relatively neat. His eyes, too, are dark brown, yet entirely useless, as Hayden is congenitally blind. He often chooses to wear sunglasses and dresses predominantly in black or white clothes to avoid unintentionally clashing colors. He is most comfortable in jeans and a casual shirt and is usually clean shaven.


Hayden is the only child of his Muggle father and witch mother, who divorced when Hayden was young. He was raised by his mother in their family home in Oregon before attending RMI. With his outgoing, cheeky personality, Hayden quickly made friends with Zyta Zworski, Cosette Embers, Lia Harper, and Chris Phippen. He did not get along with his roommate, Cameron Rothchilde, who consistently bullied Hayden, most often about being blind and having a Muggle father. He joined the Lyra Quidditch team using a broomstick that Professor Aaron McKindy had charmed especially for Hayden’s use, as a reserve initially, and later as starting Keeper. He also joined the Defense club, and is still amused by the school’s decision to name him Head Boy in his seventh year. Throughout much of his time at school, Hayden was attracted to Cosette Embers. They made several attempts at a relationship, despite Cosette’s betrothals, but ultimately broke up towards the end of their seventh year and stayed in sporadic contact. Meanwhile, Hayden also sought affection from Chris Phippen; their first relationship attempt ended because Hayden couldn’t remain faithful to Chris or platonic with Cosette. After graduating RMI, Hayden had a brief, intimate encounter with Alissa Kendrick that he was not interested in pursuing further. Instead, Hayden continued to spend time with Chris Phippen, and kissed her while knowing she was dating Keith Blackburn. Despite residual issues with trust on both sides, Hayden and Chris decided to date again while Chris attended college to study dance, and Hayden worked as an apothecary’s assistant. He proposed immediately after her graduation and they were married the following Spring, moving to live in New York near Chris’s family (including Lia, who had married Chris’ brother, Jimmy). Hayden was more keen than Chris to have children, although when Lia became pregnant with her second child, Hayden encouraged Chris to start trying. They had a daughter, Roberta Young, when Hayden was aged twenty-nine, but Chris’s mental health and their marriage immediately began to deteriorate. As Lia - Hayden’s best friend - was inevitably more drawn to support her sister-in-law, Hayden reinitiated contact with Cosette, seeking an impartial friend. When Bobbie was two years old, Chris divorced Hayden, who immediately reignited a romantic relationship with Cosette. After an unstable few years, Hayden is now happily living with Bobbie, Cosette, and Cosette’s daughter, Sadie, in New York. He works preparing potions ingredients for a laboratory that brews medicinal potions.