Ivy Dubois


Written By B

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Ivy has always been a shy, quiet individual, only becoming animated when upset or otherwise distressed. She has a calm temperament and a neutral outlook, preferring to be objective rather than view anything as either positive or negative, whenever it is possible to do so. She doesn’t like confrontation, is nervous in crowds and new situations, and she cries easily. However she also has great determination and is often very patient, meaning she usually succeeds in her endeavours. Ivy is very loyal to her friends and family, and will usually put even less familiar others before herself. She is easily led by her friends, which in the past has resulted in poor decisions. Despite a very strict, narrow-minded upbringing, Ivy has very few prejudices, and is determined that her children can make their own choices in life without fear of disownment.


Ivy is on the taller side of average, with a slender frame. She has pale skin, a round face and dark blue eyes. Her chestnut brown hair is usually worn short in whichever elegant style is currently most fashionable. She dresses with conservative sophistication, always in more feminine styles, often preferring traditional robes to more Muggle attire. She wears jewelry by quality, not quantity; the only regularly worn piece is her wedding ring.


From a very traditional wizarding background, Ivy has lived a sheltered, comfortable life as the only daughter of a wealthy pureblood couple. Her father owns the Quidditch supplies company Cirrus and her mother has never worked, focusing her attentions on doting on her husband, daughter, and then her grandchildren. They still live in Illinois, where Ivy was born and raised. Ivy started attending RMI after midterm in her first year, because she had been so anxious about being away from home that she'd made herself too sick to attend in September. Ivy was sorted into Cetus House and made friends with all her roommates: Annabelle Silverleaf, Allegra Ruisi, Katrina Embers, and most particularly Meredith Taylor. Ivy, Meredith and Aleksy Zworski, also in Cetus, were firm friends until Meredith left the school in her fifth year. Ivy particularly did not get along with Scott Kendrick, who was loud, obnoxious, self-assured, and had no respect for any of her friends. Ivy excelled at charms but struggled with transfiguration, attending remedial classes to pass her STOATS. She then dropped the subject, along with Defense Against the Dark Arts, which had, on more than one occasion, made her so nervous she had to leave class. At the start of her fourth year, Ivy was encouraged by Meredith and Aleksy to engage in an Opening Feast prank, exploding the dreamcatcher over the Cetus bonfire and resulting in her first and only detention. This was also the year during which she developed a crush on Abigail Embers, a Lyra student in the year below. Knowing she was destined to marry a man of similar background to her own, terrified of scandal and being disowned, and miserable that Abby would never feel the same way, Ivy spent much of the duration of her time at RMI being confused about her own feelings. Despite being shy of performing, Ivy joined the theater club and danced in the musical Cats to spend more time in Abby’s company. Not suited to the stage, Ivy joined the tech team for subsequent shows, focusing on magically-produced special effects and producing promotional artwork. Her other extracurricular activities at RMI included providing illustrations for the school paper, and, in her fifth year, Ivy initiated a Defense Club with the assistance of Professor Thompson. Developing another inappropriate crush on the professor, Ivy decided to rejoin DADA classes. In sixth year Ivy dated her friend Hank Macrae, mostly to distract her from Abby, and because she suspected Hank was suffering a similar scenario. However she wasn't entirely faithful, having kissed Lia Harper - with whom she’d had a varying relationship over the years that could never quite be identified as friendship - under guise of Polyjuice Potion. After graduating RMI, Ivy entered into an arranged marriage with a distant relation, Alexandre Dubois, and moved to live nearer his family in Louisiana. Of her school friends she kept in touch with Ally (who was in a similar scenario: both from traditional, pure blood families, both married and pregnant within a year of graduating RMI. They saw each other infrequently and fell out of touch completely shortly after the births of their second children) and Lia, with whom she had eventually forged a friendship founded primarily on a strong disapproval of the other’s morals and life choices. While raising her two children, Dardanius and Claudia, with the assistance of a house elf, nanny, housekeeper and caterers, Ivy found time to write and illustrate several children’s books, mostly aimed at very young readers and featuring baby animals. Now her children are both at school, Ivy socializes, organizes events (primarily for her husband's private investment firm and on behalf of local charities), and is further developing her talents in painting.