Beatriz Bonilla-Estevez


Written By Ryan

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: November 26th
Wand: Maple with Dragon Core, Eleven and a Half Inches, Hard


Beatriz is a friendly and outgoing girl. She tends to be very sensitive and in tune with others’ feeling and becomes upset at any sign of conflict. Beatriz strives to be upbeat and enthusiastic towards all things, but is known to be a perfectionist and will come down hard on herself when she perceives herself as failing at something. Since she comes from a big family she dislikes being alone and loves to be the centre of attention.


Beatriz has long, straight black hair that she usually pulls back in a clip. The first year has a diamond-shaped face, grey deep-set eyes, and thin eyebrows. She has a snub nose and rosebud mouth that is quick to turn into a wide smile or a deep frown. Beatriz is a little shorter than average and has a slim build. She prefers to wear any style of clothes as long as it is tailored to her. She hates when things are too big or too small.


Beatriz is the oldest child of the current Headmaster of RMI Reynaldo, and his wife, Maricela. She was born while her Papa was a Professor of Charms at The Adani Institute. She hardly remembers that school, but she does remember La Escuela where he father was the Deputy Head for many years. She was upset when Reynaldo took the job at RMI but has grown to love the school. Beatriz is bilingual speaking both Spanish and English from a young age. The family has spent their lives living in schools that Reynaldo teaches at but the summers when they return home to Puerto Rico. It is there that Beatriz has learned to love the beach and the ocean. It is also there that Beatriz feels the freest as the children are given free reign of their summers.