Anthony Leppit


Written By Casey

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born


Anthony is regarded as a balance between his siblings, with Andy's intellect and rationality and Addi's.... creativity and disregard for that rationality. He is incredibly awkward and has a hard time saying what he means, especially about touchy subjects, but he is passionate and can be bold in the right situation.


Anthony has blond hair which he keeps just long enough to style. His eyes are dark brown, and his jaw line is fairly well defined. He is of a fairly scrawny build and stands about five feet, nine inches tall. His appearance is generally fairly youthful, and he is often mistaken as being younger than he really is. Oh well, at least he's cute.


Anthony's birth was a desperate attempt to save the marriage of Aaron and Amy Leppit, a couple who had no business being married. He was the third child, with twin siblings Andersson (Andy) and Adisynne (Addi) being born eight years earlier, the reason their parents married. The baby-saving-the-marriage thing, however, was not successful, and the two divorced when Anthony was three. In the divorce, their mother received custody of Andy and Anthony, and their father received custody of Addi. A few years later, their mother married Jim Duncan. That marriage lasted a few years but also ended in divorce during Anthony's time at RMI. Since then, she has had a string of short-lived marriages. Their father has never remarried. Anthony's time at RMI was fairly uneventful. He spent most of his time hanging around in the library (for reasons he could not understand at the time). He dated Tammy Wooding briefly in his fifth year, but something was just missing, so their relationship was fairly short lived. It was only since graduating that Anthony finally came to the realization that he was gay. (See: Anthony's Big Gay Panic.) Currently, Anthony attends college in his hometown of New York City. He shares an apartment with his sister Addi, her son Tycho, and her boyfriend Reece.