Tammy Wooding


Written By Casey

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Tammy is a rather timid person. She tends to be a bit shy and prefers to remain in the background, which is conveniently where she believes she belongs. She is fiercely loyal, however, especially to Bessie Mae and to her family, and she is exceptionally hard working.


Tammy maintains her red hair at about shoulder length, and has taken to having it thinned to keep it controllable, as opposed to the giant poof she had in her youth. She has grey eyes that sometimes appear blue in the right light. She has pierced ears and occasionally wears modest jewelry, which is about as fashionable as she really gets without assistance. Her frame is fairly wiry, and she is about average in height.


Tammy is the daughter of a servant class family employed through the generations by maternal lineage, wherein a child is born to accompany the child of the employers. Tammy was born to spend her life as companion, servant, and anything else desired to Bessie Mae Cavanaugh, just like their mothers and grandmothers and so forth. She and Bessie Mae were yearmates at RMI, as she was sent to the school to remain by her side. This was slightly complicated when they were Sorted into different Houses, but Tammy did her best to serve her purpose throughout their school careers. Her school years were fairly uneventful but did feature a short-lived relationship with Anthony Leppit. Currently, Tammy resides in their homestate of Arkansas and functions as Bessie Mae's secretary during work hours.