Elizabeth Knight


Written By Casey

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Elizabeth is a mild spirit. She is obedient and speaks when spoken to, although she harbors a quiet resentment for her family and their lifestyle. Outwardly, she is a perfect young lady, but she secretly longs for an escape. She remains illogically loyal to her older brother, at least, despite growing apart over the years. Over the years, she has gained an appreciation for books, and she generally uses reading in lieu of interpersonal connection, save from scheduled social events, at which point her "belle of the ball" switch flips and she becomes an almost entirely other person, dazzling and personable.


Elizabeth has fairly gentle features and primarily takes after her father. She has warm blue eyes and light brown hair, which extends to her shoulder blades, although she ends to style it such that it appears shorter, often tucked up into a sort of crown. Her skin is rather pale, and her thin personage extends just above the average height.


Elizabeth is the second and last child born to Charles and Maria Knight, the younger sibling to Henry, who, as the first male of his generation, is the heir despite their father's situation as third son. Her magic took some time to present itself, and for a while, Elizabeth feared that she would never manifest any abilities and thus be resigned to the shame of Squibhood. However, she did eventually perform magic and was allowed to attend RMI, the school where her brother and some of her cousins already were. This was a bit stressful as her main reason for wanting to go was to avoid family drama and there was pretty much a Knight in every House already. She was Sorted into Lyra, and during her first year, Alexandra kept something of an eye on her, but at least she graduated the following Spring. Internal scandal rocked the Knights family almost with scheduled routine, but by far the biggest shock was the deaths that came after Elizabeth's third year at RMI. Her cousin Amelia, recent RMI graduate, died the night before she was scheduled to be wed, and only weeks later, Uncle Oliver - Amelia's father and the patriarch - died after a fall down the stairs. Soon thereafter, Alexandra vanished. Most impacting to the family was the middle, the death of Uncle Oliver. As the second son, Uncle Mathias, had died years earlier, this left Charles to inherit the position. Elizabeth's father, practically a recluse, had hardly been prepared for this, although to the surprise of everyone - including Elizabeth - he has remarkably well, and their fortunes have only prospered. Elizabeth, now a young woman, is as of yet unmarried and unbetrothed, although she is told that offers are being considered and tabulated behind closed doors. In the meantime, she resides with her parents. She interacts with them very little, as her mother has always been more interested in social events than parenting and her father now devotes all his time either to work or to himself, but it suits her well enough.