Michael Lawrence, Jr.


Written By Casey

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Mikey is erratic and energetic as a rule. He presents himself very boldly and enjoys flirting with just about any female. Despite having relatively little success in this regard, he is a self-identified ladies man. He enjoys a good joke, especially one at his little brother's expense, and is overall very playful. Mikey puts up something of a tough front on occasion, but he likely couldn't hurt a fly (unless that fly was on the other Quidditch team and he was playing Beater for some reason.) As one might expect, he is not particularly bright.


While his younger brother may not be quite done growing yet, it is pretty much set that at 5'11", Mikey will be the tallest of his siblings. He's pretty scrawny other than the height, making him somewhat resemble a weird bean pole, but he just tries to focus on the height versus the thinness. He has short brown hair that pokes out from underneath a backwards baseball cap, a style he has embraced for all outfits for the duration of his life. Of his siblings, he most resembles their father, and it is especially obvious in Mikey's dark brown eyes. His smile is, however, perhaps his most immediately noticeable feature, wide and contagious, and full of prominent but straight, white teeth.


Born to Michael Lawrence, Sr. and his second wife, Avril, Mikey has one older half-sister (Hestaea) and one younger brother (Emmett), with considerable age gaps on either side. The Lawrence family is fairly well-off, and as such, Mikey has always been a bit spoiled, although his parents have never been afraid to knock him down to size when he gets too big for his britches. He attended RMI with his sister for a couple years, spent a few by himself, and graduated with his brother trailing around. Most of his school years, however, were spent paling around with Jesse Ramos, his roommate and best friend. Despite multiple attempts, Mikey was unsuccessful at landing the long-sought high school sweetheart. (Lord, did he try.) Mikey is now, to the surprise of many who know him, attending college, where he is doing slightly better with both women and academics than he did at RMI. He is quite proud of both of these facts, although one concerns him more than the other.