Hector Edwards


Written By Maria

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: April 18
Wand: 13 inches oak wood, dragon heartstring


Hector is self-centered and arrogant but tends to win friends quickly. He is extremely competitive and does whatever it takes to have what he wants and he has succeeded in all of his attempts. He was brought up to revere in his family status and that is why he tends to see people inferior to him. When he wants, he can be very charming, but most of the time he has a serious expression. Every action is highly calculated and he rarely does something that won’t give him some kind of benefit. He acknowledges the right of Muggle-borns to exist but thinks that their existence contaminates the Wizarding community. He rarely shows humility due to his ambition and arrogance. He generally mistrusts men, especially when his sister is involved. He mistrusts people because he thinks they have an ulterior motive for everything (just because he is like that). He sees people as pawns in his games. Since he is the heir to the Edwards name and fortune he tends to take his choices very seriously, that is why he calculates everything. He is very intelligent without effort and flaunts his achievements, he loves the attention his wealth and last name gives him and usually uses them to get what he wants.


He is considered a tall boy; he stands at 6’1 with short blonde hair, hazel eyes, a strong jaw and thin lips. He has taken care of his body for most of his life which resulted in broad shoulders, a muscled chest and well toned legs. He has stubble that he refuses to shave because he thinks it looks good on him. He usually dresses formally in three pieces suits due to his job as CFO of Edwards Corporation. He usually has a serious expression which changes when he is trying to charm a girl.


The Edwards are one of the most powerful and wealthy families in the UK. Hector lived in the USA for little less than 2 years before returning to the UK. The house he grew up in is located in the outskirts of London and is named Barnum Estate. He had a twin sister named Helena and has a little sister, Emma. Helena and he attended Hogwarts were they were both sorted into Slytherin. He has played Quidditch since his second-year, his preferred position being Chaser. However, he could play Beater when needed, and has done so a couple of times. He became Captain of Slytherin Quidditch team in his fifth-year. When he played for his house team, they won the cup for three consecutive years, one of them as the Captain. He was proud of the well-oiled machine he whipped into shape. He was transferred to RMI with his sister Helena, because his father moved the family to the USA to start the USA branch of the family's corporation. At first, he was angry, because his life changed drastically, starting with the new school. After the few months, he began to enjoy RMI. Primarily because he met Mia and a number of girls that made his stay more enjoyable. After his graduation from RMI, he got betrothed to Mia Nealson, and started his college education at SUM where he dropped out and moved back to the UK. Hector started working in the Investment department of Edwards Corporation while he finished his schooling at Wesley Magical College in London where he ended up focusing on finance. Hector and Mia got married after she got herself pregnant while he was still in school. They got married soon after and welcome their first child, Emilia. After Hector graduated he moved up the corporate, though his father made him work for his positions. During this time, Mia gave birth to their second child, another girl, Evangeline. A few years later, Gabriella came into this world, and made Hector consider looking for a new wife because three consecutive girls were too much and he needed a male heir. FINALLY, two years after Gabriella was born Raphael entered triumphantly into the world. Hector is currently the CFO of Edwards Corporation and delves in Dark Magic for fun. Also women, a lot of women.