Anthony Havelock


Written By B

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown


Anthony has a simple philosophy about life: no two people are the same. Though this might have started off as an excuse about his unusual hobbies and interests – namely bugs and insects (collecting them, studying them, drawing them, whatever) – Anthony applies it to help him understand most situations. He can therefore seem very understanding, even wise beyond his years, because he doesn’t ask questions or interfere when people are apparently behaving oddly. He genuinely doesn’t care what people think of him, and may have been the youngest person ever to be fully comfortable with who he is and his place in the world. Very down-to-earth, Anthony likes to study things that other people take for granted. People see insects every day, but can rarely name them or give a single fact about them. Anthony likes to surprise people – he enjoys learning miscellaneous facts, and will take up new hobbies every so often, from tight-rope walking, to seeing how long he can hold his breath, to Indonesian cuisine. As a friend he is honest – perhaps too much so – and enthusiastic enough to be considered irritating. His favourite colour is red.


Anthony ceased growing at the acceptable height of 5’8”, and his lanky limbs eventually filled out to offer some substance to his physique. Anthony inherited his mother’s freckles. Mostly on his face and lower arms, but he will always maintain he’s seen worse cases of spattergroit. His eyes are what he considers to be his one redeeming feature; they are brown, and a normal size and shape, and cannot be considered extraordinary; this is what Anthony likes about them best. His hair is an especially red shade of auburn that, if left to its own devices, will curl out at all angles and look ridiculous. Anthony has more or less given up on trying to control it, and now just lets it do its own thing; he has a short, reddish beard that is much simpler to maintain.


Anthony is the oldest child and only son of Justin and Kathryn Havelock, and as such is part of the oldest, traceable magical lineage in North America. Anthony and his younger sister, Megan, have always enjoyed the benefits of their family’s wealth and name, while being apprehensively guided by fear of reprimand from tyrannical relatives. It was decided both Havelock children would attend RMI to keep them away from meddling relations in the North and East of the country, and also because their second-cousin, Ivy Tallow, already attended the school. Throughout his time at school, Anthony struggled to fit in due to his interest in certain topics that made him seem peculiar, and his tendency to engage in abnormal behaviours, such as talking to himself, or hiding behind furniture to observe his peers. He finally found a place in the theater, when it became apparent that he could sing better than most and was adept at learning lines and steps. He encouraged his younger sister, Megan, to join when she started RMI, too, and both students engaged in extra musical and theatrical tuition at home. Consequently Anthony secured a number of increasingly prominent roles in the school musicals, and in his later years Anthony began to write his own musical. It was performed by his peers in his sixth year, and viewed by the entire school as Headmaster Morgan cancelled afternoon classes for the occasion. After graduating RMI, Anthony attended college and then remained in academia; he is currently content as a Research Entomologist, and has recently married one of his former students, Rumi Sakamura.