Kašpar Szyszko


Written By Sasha

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Whether playing Quidditch or befriending strangers, Kašpar's general attitude towards life would best be described as aggressively energized. A firm supporter of the idea that 'actions speak louder than words', he will always seize an opportunity to jump ahead regardless of the consequences. In addition to being outgoing, he's a complete dreamer, easily recreating a bland environment as something fantastical and turning dull routines into an exciting challenge. For better or worse, this approach has wound its way into all aspects of his life - hence why Quidditch is the Best Adventure Ever and none of his dating attempts have lasted very long due to failing to live up to his imagination (the rare exception being Yelena York II, whom he was involved with at RMI).


Kašpar has the stout, broad-shouldered build of a seasoned athelete. His hazel eyes are wide, brightened further by a perpetually toothy grin, and strong emotions leave him with a face that is very easy to read. He has a generous distribution of freckles and a tanned complexion from much time spent outdoors, which contrasts a bit oddly with naturally white-blonde locks. Being shorter than average has never bothered Kašpar, but he's never completely gotten over being shorter than his sister. And by a whole inch-and-a-half, too! This was in childhood (and may remain to this day) the only reason why she could bully him into wearing proper attire, but his hair was (is) always kept loose around his shoulders as that's easiest, duh. See: www.flickr.com/gp/57976257@N07/600Ua4


Through their parentage, the Szyszko twins lay claim to two different Pureblood families. Their father Tomas is from the Polish Szyszkos, who earned moderate respect as wealthy investors, and their mother Akalena is from the Kovalchuks, an old Ukrainian clan with great political influence. The twins have taken their father's last name, as is traditional, but are much more familiar with their Kovalchuk relatives and were born & grew up at their mother's family home in Minsk, Belarus. Kašpar Tomasovich Szyszko was born in early spring, precisely two minutes after his twin sister Kejan, which she reminds him of every so often. They were raised almost exclusively by their mother, as their father's job at the National Ironbelly Reserve (overseeing the safe care, training, and transport of hatchlings) kept him busy for extended periods. However, Kašpar has always held great admiration for his father, although he's only grown closer to the man in recent years. When old enough for schooling, the twins were sent to RMI, following in their elder cousin Lyubov's footsteps... metaphorically speaking. In Kašpar's case, this meant spending the vast majority of his time either on his broom or running around with a pack of friends and studying just barely enough to pass his classes. To date, his knowledge of sport and the physical body is exceptional, but this is the extent of his academic know-how. Ironically, despite being trilingual in Belarusian, Russian, and Polish and therefore obviously not incompetent at language-learning, Kašpar's grasp of English remains horrendous. The only thing worse than his grammar is his spelling. Kašpar graduated RMI as Captain of Aquila's Quidditch team, which was his only noteworthy accomplishment. Alas, he was not immediately recruited to the world of professional Quidditch, so instead moved to Częstochowa to study a mix of sports science and physiotherapy at a small magical college. Here he successfully entered university-league Quidditch and spent his four years alternating between actually doing coursework and travelling across the Slavic nations for matches against other university and college teams. Upon graduation, he finally found an entry to professional Quidditch and was recruited to his long-time favourite team, the Grodzisk Goblins. (Or, more specifically, recruited to their reserve team. Kašpar was still ecstatic.) Currently, Kašpar is in his first season with the Goblins. He doesn't mind being a reserve; professional Quidditch tends to get pretty brutal, especially matches against their big rivals in Germany, the Heidelberg Harriers, where the primary Beaters always wind up injured enough that he gets called in to play. Still, he's hoping for a promotion in the near future. When not on the pitch, Kašpar is most often found either kicking back on the beach, working at his part-time job as a massage therapist, or trying to teach himself how to be an Animagus. Whether or not he has the requisite talent to actually get very far in that particular pursuit remains to be seen, though he's certainly got the determination in hand.