Benjamin Adler


Written By Niamh

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: 30 June


As a child Benjamin was eager to earn the approval of his family. He was easily distracted and often got caught up in his own imagination. He did not perform well academically and found making friends difficult, as a result he disliked school. His status as a loner has endured into adulthood. He and prefers animals to people and has very few friends. He just wants a quiet life and seeks to avoid drama by submitting to the wishes of others. Benjamin is sensitive to criticism and has grown into an easily stressed and anxious adult. To deal with this he has developed numerous coping mechanisms.


Benjamin has short dark curly hair and blue eyes. He is rarely seen without some stubble and stands at 5’9. As a keen jogger and weight lifter he has an athletic build. He is left handed. Benjamin dresses in fine robes usually in dull colours and chosen by other people. To compromise he wears brightly adorned socks.


Benjamin Pierre Adler is the middle child of Ulrich and Clémence Adler. He grew up in Schiltach in Germany and has two sisters, Charline and Magdalena. He started at RMI when he was 11 and was sorted into Draco. He spent a great deal of his time at school avoiding his nagging sister and people in general. During his second year Benjamin was given permission to bring his duck Hubert to school as a therapy pet. From then on he was rarely seen without his feathered sidekick. Benjamin participated in a number of extracurricular activities at RMI. He often played piano in the pitt and was briefly a member of the SGA. He spent most of his time as a member advocating for chocolate tasting events. He also played Quidditch. Benjamin originally signed up to be a beater to please his father because that was the position Ulrich had played in his youth. But as a pacifist he found the idea of smashing people with bludgers distressing, so he was initially a poor addition to the team but soon learned to love the sport. He held great admiration for his Quidditch Captain Niccolo York which was then transferred to his predecessor, Reece Campbell. Benjamin's mother passed away when he was 19 and was greatly affected by her absence. After graduating RMI with poor grades Benjamin married Alannah Pendergast and moved to Ireland. He is currently being groomed by his father to take over the family business whilst pursuing his dream of having a top class magical menagerie on the side.