Megan Brenner


Written By B

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


Megan is adventurous and inquisitive, while simultaneously being bound by rules and expectations. She likes to be included, is happiest when surrounded by friends, and views those less inclined to friendship as challenges to be overcome. She has a motherly nature, always keen to take care of those who might need extra support. While it has always been important to her to be seen as a respectable lady of society, Megan has managed to continue to engage in whatever activities strike her as most fun at the time, although always with a sense of propriety.


Of average height with a lean frame and very pale skin, Megan looks like a strong gust would blow her away. Her bottle-green eyes are set above high cheekbones, and her straight hair has deepened in tone from the strawberry blonde of her youth to a vibrant, fiery red. Megan takes delight in dressing to the occasion, and is happiest when clothed in fine fabrics and expensive jewels. However since her husband passed away, she has considerably fewer opportunities to display her finery, and is starting to feel more comfortable in less formal attire. She is fascinated by Muggle jeans but has never tried a pair.


As a child Megan enjoyed climbing trees and playing in the mud - always out of sight of anyone who might consider this behaviour inappropriate for a young lady - whilst her early adulthood was characterised by traveling and experiencing new cultures. By necessity, Megan learned to excel at cleaning charms from an early age, enabling her to appear far more ladylike in her pastimes than is strictly accurate. Megan enjoys music and singing; at RMI she fully participated in the school musicals and talent shows, often performing with her brother, Anthony. She was drawn to befriending archetypal ‘black sheep’, most particularly Trevor Jacobs, with whom she remained firm friends until his untimely death, and Milo Sarkes, with whom Megan will always be secretly in love. Her closest female friends were Adisynne Leppit and Annalise Hier; Megan was drawn to their outgoing and generous personalities. However their family connections and backgrounds did not make these friends appropriate for a lady of society such as herself, so Megan severed ties after school, finally reconnecting for a class reunion ten years after graduation. Whilst she did keep in contact with reputable friends Trevor and Elise Jacobs, and Emma Edwards, Megan spent several years after RMI exploring several continents under guise of studying music. Eventually she was destined to marry pureblood wizard Gerald Brenner, a man several years her senior, who Megan liked but never loved. Gerald died unexpectedly six weeks after the birth of their son, William. Megan sold their extensive property and moved to raise her son in New York, near her newly re-established best friend Addi. She is now investigating her new identity as mother and widow, and is keen to find some beneficial use for her time, but she hasn’t yet decided what that might be.