Franklin Munro


Written By Ryan

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: May 5th
Wand: Birch Wand with Phoenix Feather Core


Is known to have an impact on his immediate surroundings. He is the whirling ball of energy. Know to move easily from group to group he is happiest laughing and entertaining people with his blunt humour. Frankie loves to be the centre of attention but finds theory, abstract concepts, and discussions boring. He likes to look before he leaps, fixing his mistakes as he goes rather than preparing contingencies. He is a bold person to him there is no greater joy than pushing boundaries and discovering new things. This often leads to trouble as he is seen as insensitive and often he misses the bigger picture.


Frankie looks like his father Gaston Munro but less than his younger brother Wyatt does. His smile is known to light up the room when he uses it. The black hair is Gaston’s but the grey eyes are his mother Jennie’s. He chooses to wear his hair cut much in the same way as Gaston does longer and slicked back/ He has the same muscular build as his father but stands taller at 6’5. He is usually found wearing jeans and a t-shirt.


The Munro family is a close knit family of upper-middle-class wealth. Frankie is the eldest child, born to Gaston, a Quidditch star back in the day, turned Professor, became Headmaster, turned Quidditch Coach for a Pro team, and Jennie, a Medi-Witch. When he was younger, he lived at RMI and loved it until his mother got sick, causing his father to leave his job. They moved to a large cabin by a lake, and eventually Jennie beat cancer. Through the last six years, Frankie has made friends easily, and even won the Captaincy of his house Quidditch team. The professors tend to see Frankie as all brawn and no brains because he does struggle in his classes but has scraped by with good enough grades to continue in an IWCE school


Quidditch, Nick, Skipping classes, Magic




To be the best Quidditch player.