Gabriel Lemont III


Written By Sophia

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood
Birthday: August 13
Wand: Olive and Mooncalf hair, 10 inches


Because he did not grow up with kids his own age to be friends with, Tripp has always been rather shy, especially around new people. Tripp dislikes being the center of attention. Although he was onstage due to his involvement with RMI’s Drama Club, he much preferred being on the tech crew. Tripp likes stability in life; change makes him so stressed that he used to pull his hair out. Although not a bold person, Tripp is defensive of the people he cares for, and will do whatever he can to keep them from being hurt. He tends to be gentlemanly and polite, even to house elves or people who are rude to him. Since the events following his graduation, Tripp has become a little less cautious, knowing that life can be short. He has both the means and disposition to spoil his four daughters, and does so with gusto.


Tripp has mousy brown hair from his father, Gabriel Lemont II, and hazel eyes from his mother, Charlotte. He has inherited the fair skin tone of both of his parents. Tripp is five-foot-eleven. He is fairly skinny with prominent joints. He is right-handed.


Tripp grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. When he was thirteen, the private tutor he had been instructed by left the area. Tripp transferred to RMI as a third-year and was sorted into Cetus. Tripp was the first person in his family to attend RMI; his parents, both of whom are purebloods, were taught by private tutors. Despite being purebloods, the Lemonts do not sanction betrothals, and never sought to find Tripp a fiancée. The Lemont family wealth is mostly based in investments in prominent broomstick companies and, to a lesser degree, Canadian land holdings. Tripp began figure-skating lessons at the age of four, and prefers being on the ice to being on a broom. When his family makes him reluctantly play Quidditch, he usually plays Keeper, as it tends to be the safest position. To keep his hands busy when he was younger, he started doing making simple crafts such as embroidery floss bracelets and whittled wooden carvings. As a teenager, he began working with materials like metal, stone, and glass, and during his adolescence held an internship with a goblin craftsman in Calgary called Ragtool. Upon arriving at RMI, one of Tripp’s first moves was to join the Drama Club. He acted onstage for the club's first two productions and participated in the Talent Show in his fifth year. Deciding he was too shy to be onstage, he switched to tech for his remaining years at RMI. Tripp met Dawn Silverleaf through the Drama Club, when they played romantic opposites in <em>Cats</em>. He asked her out during his fourth year, and they continued to date for the next few years. Dawn’s pureblood parents approved of Tripp as a potential future son-in-law. At the beginning of his seventh year, Tripp started experiencing unexplained nosebleeds and bruises. As more symptoms started piling up, his friend Hyana Kamiya expressed to him that she thought he had cancer. After seeing a Healer, Tripp was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. After nine months of chemotherapy and an experimental magical blood cancer treatment, Tripp went into remission. A few months later, towards the end of Dawn’s seventh year at RMI, Tripp proposed to his girlfriend with a ring he had made by himself. She said yes, and the couple was married that June and moved into a magically concealed mansion on the coast of the Burrard Inlet near Vancouver. Tripp works as a wandmaker in that city. Dawn occasionally performs as a soprano with an opera company, although she took time off after each of their children was born. Tripp and Dawn have four daughters together: Kateri Aurora, Alice Hyana, Rosemarie Charlotte, and Daphne Gabrielle.


His wife, his daughters, crafting, figure-skating, opera


Rudeness, awkward situations, hospitals, nosebleeds, misogynists


Tripp identifies his most important goals as being a good husband to Dawn and a good father to their daughters. Professionally, he wants to continue serving the wizarding community in British Columbia as a wandmaker. He will eventually take over Lemont patriarch responsibilities from his father Gabe, but that will likely be some time in the distant future. The idea makes Tripp apprehensive, and he hopes he will do a good job when it is his turn to run the family.