Keith Blackburn


Written By Sophia

Gender: male
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Birthday: 4 June
Wand: Blackthorn and knarl quill, 12 inches


Keith is an intellectual person. His favorite school subjects have always been math and the sciences, especially chemistry; Keith likes fields in which there is a correct answer that one can invariably find. Keith is emotionally and physically reserved, and tends not to react effusively regardless of the situation. What little sense of humor he has is best described as “dry.” He is an atheist and can be condescending even when he is trying not to be. He will not lie even to protect the feelings of others; however, he is willing to manipulate the truth to his advantage. Being in charge of his sisters while his parents were working encouraged Keith to become responsible at a young age. Driven by a desire to be independent, Keith obtained both his driver’s and Apparition licenses at the earliest opportunity. Keith completed his GED via correspondence while taking seven other courses at RMI. He invested many hours in studying while in school, and continues to spend much of his free time reading or researching, whether the topic helps him be a better Healer or a more educated person.


Keith has black hair, dark blue eyes, and a usually serious expression. Up until his fourth year, he wore silver-rimmed rectangular glasses; now, he has contact lenses. Despite having grown up in Florida, he burns more easily than he tans, and is usually pale. As he has both Type 1 Diabetes and a decent amount of common sense, he eats healthily and exercises regularly, and has a lean build. Keith has always been tall for his age and stopped growing when he hit the six-foot-four mark in his seventh year.


Born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida, Keith has a very low tolerance for cold weather Until Keith got his letter from RMI, the Blackburns did not know of the existence of magic. His mother Estelle is a realtor, while his father Ivan never committed to a single career. Keith is the oldest of four; he has three younger sisters, Rosetta, Marisol, and Veronika. The eldest and youngest girls are witches, and followed him to RMI. Although they did not get along as children, Keith is now closest to Rosetta out of his siblings, an antagonistic friendship driven by competition. After coming to RMI, Keith became slightly less uptight and slightly more inclined to believe things that are not scientifically supported; magic, it seems, does that to a person. Keith initially experienced difficulty with Charms because it was the only subject for which he could not provide a logical explanation. Conversely, he loved potions because it was similar to chemistry, and developed a close friendship with Potions professor Juliet Audrey; Keith and Juliet remained in touch after graduation and are godparents to each others’ firstborn children. Keith participated in the Drama Club as the master electrician while he was at RMI. To the surprise of most of his family, Keith also had two relationships at RMI. He dated Joanna Dresden in his fourth and fifth years, and Christabel Phippen from fifth to seventh year. Keith broke up with Chris after she revealed she cheated on him with Hayden Young over midterm. At the time of the breakup, he did not reveal to Chris that he had planned on breaking up with her after graduation anyway because he did not want a long-distance relationship in college. He and Chris have since rekindled their friendship. Keith was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the end of his first year at RMI. He handled the news methodically and adapted his lifestyle to accommodate this. As would be the case with anything else in his life, he did extensive research about the condition when he was diagnosed, and takes very good care of himself. Despite this, he tends to have high blood sugar, which has led to complications such as diabetic retinopathy, which Keith treats meticulously. After graduating from RMI, Keith enrolled in a five-year Healing program at University College in Oxford. During this time, he began dating and ultimately moved in with his classmate Irene Sinclair. Following graduation, both Keith and Irene accepted positions in the magical ward of Johns Hopkins’ hospital, and eventually rose through the ranks to become the Assistant Heads of Neurology and Orthopedics, respectively. They currently live in a wizarding suburb of Ellicott City, Maryland. The couple terminated an accidental pregnancy in their late twenties due to the fetus having trisomy 21. Their daughter Vivian Blackburn-Sinclair was born a few years later, when Keith was thirty-one. Despite his initial ambivalence toward having a child, Keith is proud of Vivian and enjoys watching her learn and discover more about the world.


potions, chess, black coffee, cooking, debating, detective stories, chemistry, driving, working, running, medicine, his girlfriend, his daughter


ignorant people, religious extremists, those who disregard the concept of personal space, alligators, English classes, Divinations, bad drivers, liars, bad teachers


Keith aspires to become the head of the neurology department at Johns Hopkins Wizarding Hospital. He intends to continue conducting and publishing research. Finally, he hopes that his daughter grows up well, succeeds academically, and pursues and excels in a sensible career.