Veronika Blackburn


Written By Sophia

Gender: female
Blood Status: Muggle-born
Birthday: July 3
Wand: Willow & fairy wing


Ika is a sweet and thoughtful young woman who is always willing to help someone in need. She is optimistic and trusting, almost to the point of naivety, although she has begun to grow out of this in recent years. She tends to take things too personally, which can lead to misunderstandings. Ika rarely takes risks, but can be convinced to do so when people she loves are in desperate need. She is very sentimental and doesn’t handle change well. Ika enjoyed all of her classes at RMI, but was particularly fond of charms, transfiguration, and the foretelling arts.


Ika has long blonde hair, which she usually wears tied back in a bun or ponytail so that it doesn’t get in her way when she’s working with animals. When left to her own devices she wears girly clothes in bright colors, although these days her daily wardrobe consists of khaki work clothes. She only wears makeup on special occasions, except for her eyebrows, which she often fills in because they are otherwise too blonde to be seen. She is left-handed and has brown eyes. Ika is five-foot-six and has a fair, heart-shaped face.


Ika grew up in Kissimmee, Florida. She is the fourth child and third magic-user in her family. Ika’s parents, Ivan and Estelle Blackburn, are both Muggles; her father is an accountant and her mother is a realtor. By the time Ika started showing signs of magic, her brother Keith and her sister Rosetta had already started attending RMI, and she was eager to join them. Their other sister, Marisol, is a Muggle, which Ika still feels some guilt about. At RMI, Ika joined the Draco Quidditch team as the baton-twirling mascot and occasionally participated in Drama Club productions. In her last few years at school she worked in Poff’s Menagerie of Mundane & Exotic Magical Creatures, where she was able to work with both mundane and magical creatures. Although Ika quickly befriended with Alexandra Knight, Alexandra abruptly terminated their friendship after she revealed that she had a crush on Ika and Ika tried to convince her that that was okay. Ika had a romantic relationship with Niccoló York, which ended badly when Ika discovered that he had been hiding his betrothal to one of her friends from her. She later dated Trent Caldwell, but broke things off after graduation because the long distance wasn’t working. Ika is still friends with her RMI roommate, Lyubov Kovalchuk. After graduating from RMI, she attended the University of Chicago to study magizoology. She did several study abroad expeditions as an undergrad and may or may not have seen a quintaped. She currently lives in a yellow Victorian house with her cat Uranio and her friend Amelia Knight, whose death Ika helped fake to help Amelia escape from her arranged marriage to Nicco. Ika now works as a zookeeper at a wizarding zoo in Chicago. Her favorite part of her job is doing Meet the Animals talks for kids.


magical creatures, gardening, sewing, Greek mythology, white chocolate, Christmas


conflict, thunderstorms, arranged marriages, bitter coffee


Finish her PhD in magizoology, fall in love, get married, and have kids.