Jesse Keller


Written By B

Gender: male
Blood Status: pureblood


Jesse is often insular and reclusive, happy in his own company. He doesn't mind being around others but he gets lost in his own thoughts and ideas easily, which occasionally causes frustration in his companions. He is generally a pleasant and generous person, but finds it hard to focus, so it takes him longer to get to know people than his more attentive counterparts. Adults especially find him inattentive, which they interpret as laziness or rudeness. He has quite a laid back attitude, with extremes of any emotion only expressed rarely. His hobbies primarily include reading, solving puzzles, and making lists. Over the years his favourite toys have been construction kits, Muggle magic tricks, and activity books. He'll join in with sports but he's not very good at anything he's tried so far. Jesse prefers academic endeavours; he's not particularly gifted in class, either, but he enjoys completing the work and derives joy from understanding.


In cheap clothes but good shoes, Jesse likes to wear loose jeans and over-sized tshirts, which is fine by his Mom as there's always plenty of growing room. His outfits tend to feature dark blues, grays and blacks - he likes bright colours but it's easier to be ignored when you don't stand out. Jesse often slouches when he sits, or walks with shoulders hunched, but neither is consciously done. He is similar height to other boys his age, with a stocky physique and a round face that his brother says make him look fat. Jesse’s skin is very pale, similar in colour to uncooked shortcrust pastry, although it might tan if ever given the opportunity. His light complexion is further emphasised by dark, almost black wavy hair and dark brown eyes.


Jesse is the oldest child of a witch and wizard, both muggleborn. His father is a junior manager for a small chain of wizarding restaurants, which involves lots of travel and late work hours. His mother wanted to train as a chef but fell pregnant with Jesse in her first year of culinary school; since then she has focused on her growing family, and she waitresses sporadically when money gets too tight. Jesse has a younger brother, Felix, and a youngest sister, Lola. He gets on well with his family, clashing most often with his mother when she feels he is ignoring her (whereas actually he is just lost in thought and can't consciously hear her). He has occasionally been bullied at school for being socially awkward, specifically for liking schoolwork, enjoying being on his own, and offering uncommon or anticipated answers in class or group play activities.