Grayson Ioma


Written By Noah

Gender: male
Blood Status: unknown
Birthday: November 23
Wand: Walnut and Unicorn Hair, 10 inches


Grayson is and always has been a precocious child, possessing a keen intellect and clarity of thought. He spends his time reading, solving logic puzzles, and designing his own science experiments. When discussing a topic with which he is familiar (which, despite what some may think, is certainly not all the time), Grayson tends to adopt a matter-of-fact tone and confidence of assertion that most take for intelligentsia-like arrogance. While this isn't exactly wrong, it's mainly just that Grayson typically assumes everyone knows as much as he does about any given subject, and speaks accordingly. Upon discovering otherwise he invariably becomes apologetic and will offer to try the entire conversation over again from any convenient starting point. His tendency to assume another person knows everything he does is certainly not an expectation he holds, however. Despite his eager nature he has a great deal of patience and reserves his ire for the willfully ignorant. Grayson is unexpectedly skilled at poker, but will tell anyone who asks that it's simply a matter of looking at people's faces.


Grayson is tall for his age and skinny. His eye are deep brown with a sparkle of hazel, but are difficult to notice behind his thick glasses. His brown hair is typically long and lanky, because he doesn't really see the point of getting it cut with any regular frequency despite how often he's brushing it out of his face.


Grayson is the second of three children, all adopted and none from the same biological parents. He never knew his biological parents, and has only ever had a passing and academic interest in them. Both his adopted parents are muggles, but his older brother Hunter started at RMI in T25 and his younger sister is showing many of the same signs as her brothers. Although his family is wealthy and he was raised in comfort and without want, Grayson's parents have been careful to raise him on public access and to expose him to as much diversity as possible. As a result Grayson is aware of his privileges, but is in general only as mindful of them as he is anything else that isn't the book, puzzle, or experiment right in front of him.


Science, puzzles, reading fiction, reading nonfiction, experiments


Disregard for logic, rash action


More than anything else, Grayson wants to understand the world around him. The realization of his magical abilities opened up a whole new world of discovery for him, and his dream is to learn enough about magic to understand it's "inner workings" and create new spells and potions.