Susan Bradby


Written By Sanjana

Gender: female
Blood Status: pureblood


The first thing that comes to the mind when one thinks of Susan is stubborn. Susan has been spoiled by her Daddy’s affection since she was a baby and that certainly has gone to her head. Susan is quite picky in every aspect of her life- from food to friends, she has always been careful to choose. She can be mean when she wants, though it is mostly reserved for her elder sister Ivory Bradby- a beautiful young witch who has been home-schooled. Susan is not easy to please and certainly not a wide-eyed child whose worldview is a wondrous fairy-tale. She has a tart tongue and according to her father, she is snarkier than a teenager. Only Merlin knows what she’ll actually do when she becomes one


Susan has a small stature- short and petite. Perhaps the term ‘pocket-sized dynamite’ fits her description the most. She has light brown hair that she likes to wear in two pigtails. Her face is quite round and chubby- yet to lose the baby fat in her cheeks, which look red and puffy like apples.


Her father, Albert Bradby, is a Pureblood wizard who works as a lawyer in a law firm that he co-owns with his two brothers. Albert Bradby is a jolly person with a love for sports. He wanted a son whom he could teach the nuances of Quidditch. His elder daughter, Ivory, was far from what he would have wanted- the girl was least interested in sports and preferred to spend time in front of a mirror or shopping. When Susan was born, Albert had secretly hoped she would not become the girly girl his elder daughter was. Thankfully, from a very early age, Susan seemed to have an aversion for anything Ivory liked, which was further reinforced by mother’s penchant for dressing Susan in Ivory’s hand-me-downs. Thus, our snarky Susan, became her father’s favourite person in the family. Susan was quick to realize this and has since exploited her father’s favouritism to her heart’s content. Susan’s mother, Miranda Bradby, is a half-blood witch who is known for her environmental activism and extreme health consciousness. She has published two books on the subject, writes a column in the Daily Prophet on healthy lifestyle and heads a group of activists. She has rigid principles that lead to rigorous recycling, banning a number of food items at home, buying eco-friendly products (or making them at home- you’d be revolted at what passes for ‘cheese’ in the Bradby household) and several other ‘rules’ that turns Susan up the wall. Though Ivory is a devoted disciple of Miranda’s cause, Susan and Albert are frequent defaulters and are often spotted secretly eating at pizza places or ice cream parlours.