Keith Allen


Written By Ash

Gender: male
Blood Status: halfblood


Keith has a natural thirst for knowledge; he was branded a bookworm from an early age. Instead of the insult, it was intended as Keith took the identity and ran with it. He loved reading and gaining knowledge throughout his grade school. This was encouraged by his mother who is a scientist. On the other hand, his imaginative side was brought out by his father who promote his love of music. This has left Keith a bit arrogant when it comes to knowledge but open and welcoming when it comes to imaginative things.


Keith has strawberry blonde hair that has some length on top but cut ultrashort on the sides. His hair is always parted and combed to the left. He has hazel green eyes that are deep set and hooded. Though his face still has the baby fat of adolescence the signs of a chiselled jawline and high cheekbones are there. As with his face, he again hasn’t lost all the baby fat. Therefore, he’s just a tad pudgy. He is of average height, and if he takes after his parents, he wouldn’t be particularly tall. Keith wears jeans and t-shirts most of the time, but he isn’t adverse to dressing nicer if the situation calls for it.


Keith is a Half-blood, from divorced parents. His mother, Helen is a muggle research scientist and has ingrained a very academic mind in Keith. While his father Charles often told him of magic and things that it could do and while Keith had seen Charles do magic before he always assumed it was stage magic. His parents divorced when Keith was about three due to their differences. Charles was a dreamer and had an active imagination while Helen had her feet firmly on the ground. They made his childhood stress free by always being friendly with each other. When he was around eight, his mother remarried, and he has a good relationship with his step-father Melvin. Helen and Melvin recently had their first child together. While Keith doesn’t mind having a sibling he does mind having a baby screaming at all hours of the night. So the eleven-year-old has taken to spending more time at his Dad’s apartment.