Frequently Asked Questions

All questions listed are for 'out of character' logistics. For 'in character' questions, please refer to the Canon Wiki

  1. What does 'out of character' mean?

    It means that what you are doing and saying is what you, the author, are doing and saying. We use 'out of character' or the abbbreviation 'OOC' to indicate when we're taking a step back from writing our roleplay characters! In general, all OOC comments should be placed on the OOC Board, although you may sometimes see an administrator responding to posts on 'in character' or 'IC' boards with an OOC note to remind someone of the rules. We also encourage OOC collaboration in the RMI Author Cafe!

  2. Why haven't I gotten a response to my email yet?

    We usually respond to emails within 7-10 days, but sometimes real life can get in the way! We appreciate your patience, but if it's an urgent situation we suggest re-sending the email just to make sure we saw it.

  3. Why haven't I gotten a response to my post yet?

    It usually takes a day or two for people to write up responses. If you really want to write more, you can always try starting a new thread of your own, or responding to someone else's!

  4. What is 'tagging'?

    Sometimes people have pre-planned threads, or characters that they want to write together. They will often indicate this by putting [Tag: Character] at the end of their post title in order to indicate that is the person they want to respond. It is typically considered very rude to jump in on a tagged thread without permission or invitation. Tagging should only be used for the purposes of furthering character plots, and should be minimized whenever possible in order to allow you to write with a diversity of people!

  5. What is 'fuzzy time'?

    In order to allow us to have as many threads going as we would like, we use the idea of 'fuzzy time' - essentially that although you may be writing your character in two places at once, they aren't actually in two places at once because the threads are taking place at two different times 'in character'.

  6. What is 'godmodding'?

    Godmodding is writing for a character that is not yours. This means saying that the character in question did, said, or thought something that the author of that character did not specify in their post. Godmodding is against the rules although you are permitted to say that your character thought another person's character had done/said/thought something.

  7. How do I know if my post is PG-13 or not?

    Here at RMI we use a derivative of the MPAA rating system to judge our posts. To that effect, a post must not include more than:

    1. Mild or brief drug/alcohol use;
    2. Violence that is not both realistic and extreme/persistent;
    3. One or fewer instance of one of the harsher, sexually-derived swear words (ONLY permitted as an expletive);
    4. Insinuation of sexual activity.

  8. How do I write in a thread with more than one other person?

    If you are writing in a thread with more than one person, each author should take turns posting and then wait for each other author to take their turn. When possible, you should respect posting order in multi-person threads.

  9. What classes can our characters take?

    Students in their first through third year are required to take all core courses. At the end of their third year they will take their determinative exams, and may, going into their fourth year, choose from RMI's electives. Students must continue on with a minimum of four courses - three core courses and one elective course - and pass them with a minimum of an A mark in order to graduate from RMI. Internships are available to both students who anticipate pursuing higher education and those headed for a more vocational track. The core courses are: Astronomy, Cultural Studies, Defense Against the Dark Arts, History of Magic, Magizoobotany, Potions, and Spellwork; the elective courses are: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Divinations, and Magical Sciences

  10. Who writes professors?

    Right now we have two admin authors and two moderator authors who write staff characters. Most of the current staff IC are NPCs but will only be written by current admins/mods.

  11. What is 'Outside of RMI'?

    Outside of RMI is an offsite opportunity to write in-character posts featuring the out-of-school exploits of your characters and their families.

  12. What is the RMI Author Cafe?

    The RMI Author Cafe is a free chatroom for RMI authors and potential authors to chat casually about topics surrounding RMI, or not. The Author Cafe is a respectful space where everyone is required to abide by the Rules and Community Norms of the site.

  13. Something isn't working! What do I do??

    Let the admin team know by posting on the Out of Character Forum!

  14. Can my character be expelled?

    No. We do not enable plots that result in expulsion of a character because it often creates situations unfair to other authors. Situations that would result in a character being expelled are usually handled out-of-character

  15. Can I write my character after graduation?

    At this time, we do not allow characters to be written on the main site after their graduation, with the exception of special, pre-announced events. You are, however, welcome to write about your character's post-baccalaureate adventures on Outside of RMI!

  16. What do we consider 'RMI canon'?

    RMI canon is an amalgamation of the information that JK Rowling had released prior to 2006, the things our authors have invented on their own, and some information that Rowling has released since then. Our canon is not completely compliant with everything that has been released via Pottermore, particularly pertaining to information about the Americas.

  17. How do you feel about JK Rowling?

    Our site was established long before JK Rowling started publicly exhibiting problematic behavior, and we have long since deviated from Harry Potter canon. We do not condone or abide by her racist and appropriative additions to the greater Harry Potter universe. At RMI, we support the LGBT+ community as a whole and do not agree with or condone JK Rowling's repeated hateful and transphobic rants. We have always been and will continue to be an inclusive and diverse writing group, and we believe that the Harry Potter fandom has been much more than JK Rowling or her contributions for a very long time.