All authors are expected to follow site rules in their character creation and posts. Violations of these rules will result in consequences that include but are not limited to: retconning plots, deletion or editing of posts, and rejection of future character applications.

  1. Characters may not be related to or share a name with any of JK Rowling's original characters
  2. All posts must be written in the third person, past tense
  3. Your characters and their actions must be consistent with the RMI canon
  4. Authors may not write for other authors' characters without their explicit permission
  5. Each post, including the example post in an application, must be a minimum of 200 words long
  6. Tagging is not permitted in class threads.
  7. Authors may not have more than 4 active student characters at one time.
  8. Transfer students will only be accepted from authors who have written all of their characters in at least two threads in the past half-term.
  9. All posts on-site must be kept at or below a PG-13 rating. Under no circumstances will sexually explicit material be tolerated on the boards.

NPC Rules

NPCs, or Non-Player Characters, may be written by any author at RMI; past authors are permitted to write NPCs with explicit permission from the Admin Team only. Any violation of these rules may result in a written warning and/or revocation of NPC permission for any length of time. Please note that NPC characters cannot affect the House Points of any House, positively or negatively.

  1. All NPC activity must conform to the information given on Canon Wiki
  2. NPCs may only be written in classes, unless express permission is given by the Admin Team
  3. All of your other characters who attend a given class must be posted at least once before you start posting an NPC
  4. In order to keep our canon consistent, you must update an NPC's Wiki page if you make any additions or minor changes to their personality, appearance, life events, opinions, habits, or affiliations.
  5. You may not make any major changes to an NPC without express permission from the Admin Team

Community Standards

All authors are expected to adhere to the following standards in all on and off site interactions with other authors. Any violations of these standards will result in disciplinary action that may, depending on the severity of the action, result in a suspension or ban. The reasoning for all suspensions and bans will be posted publicly.

  1. All authors will behave with respect towards their fellow authors
  2. Authors under the age of majority in their state or country of residence will refrain from sharing personal information without written parental permission; this includes sending/accepting friend requests on Facebook and similar sites.
  3. Authors will refrain from threatening or harassing other authors.
  4. Authors will refrain from using slurs in their writing and other communications, and will not otherwise behave in a prejudiced or bigoted manner.

The administrators reserve the right to alter the rules and community standards as they see fit. They are required to make a good faith attempt to communicate any changes to the community as immediately as possible.