Staff & Student

Only active students, staff, and students active at time of graduation are shown here. If you think your character has been excluded, please contact the administrators. A * next to a character's name indicates an NPC. Please see the Rules for more on our NPC policies. Click on any character's name to view their profile!

Headmaster Tobias Morgan
Deputy Headmaster Bellamy Fell

Heads of House
Aquila Robert Hier
Cetus Aaron McKindy
Draco Estelle Blair
Lyra Garen Tennant

Professors - Core Subjects
Astronomy Eva Ramirez
Cultural Studies Estelle Blair
Defense Against the Dark Arts Cindra Embers
History of Magic Samuel Boot
Magizoobotany Anders Blackburn
Potions Robert Hier
Spellwork Aaron McKindy

Professors - Electives
Arithmancy & Ancient Runes Arianna Wilson*
Divinations Kazimeras Luksa*
Magical Sciences Lorraine Taylor*

Support Staff
Groundskeeper Eunice Liang*
Librarian Marissa Toladaeri*
Medic Cleo Rocamboli*
School Counselor Garen Tennant
Quidditch Coach Gerald Reid*
Substitute Jeremy Ofosu*

Seventh Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Connor Farnon
Claudia Dubois
Marley Chapman
Leopold Harris

Sixth Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Petra Stiglitz
Raja Nazari-Richards
Remington Burnham
Teal Rosse
Sara de Alba
Magdalena Adler

Fifth Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Dakota Farnon
Andrew Tennant
William Bloom
Mikael Lundqvist
Hunter Ioma
Darlene Knight
Katherine Kendrick

Fourth Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Jameson Daegan
Quinn Walker
Jesse Keller
Malachi Çenturion
Satveer Mittal

Third Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Grayson Ioma
Elliot Phippen
Georgina Philpott
Sadie Embers
Keith Allen
Joseph Blair
Eugene Hardie
Tycho Leppit
Norah Nilssen

Second Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Jason Fitz
Vivica Dixon
Amelia Rosette
Leah Roth
Deagret Wyckland
Deja Torres
Jacob Fitz

First Years
Aquila Cetus Draco Lyra
Margaret Booth
Maeve Ashworth
Mia Raven
Madeleine Tennant